Anyone Due November December 2011

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mommylovesyou - March 23

i'm 3 weeks 2 days & got my BFP 2 days ago :) lmp 2/28 so i'm very early & very shocked! edd 12/5/11


Ruoxue - March 24

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and had my second ultrasound today! I am very excited! I am due sometime in November. I should have a due date when I go to my next doctor appointment. Congrats on your BFP!


Hawkfin - April 1

I am about 8 weeks - but things havnt been going well i had a scan as i thought i was 8 weeks two weeks ago - but the u/s only showed yolk and no fetal pole.. but my hormone levels are still increasing and iv had no bleadin or signs of m/c - gp says maybe my dates are just wrong? I have another u/s on monday to see if things have progressed has this happened to anyone else?


Megnkris25 - April 7

Hello ladies, had my first dr apt with my dr today. The nurses at my office were thinking I was about 13 1/2 weeks but I asked for an ultrasound today and it showed I was 9 weeks and 4day which puts my due date novemeber 6th. During my ultrasound it showed some implantation bleeding.... Anyone else had this before? The dr didn't seem concerned said it should go away on it's own but I gonback in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure. Heart beat sounded great it was 180 andnother than the bleeding everything looked okay. Hope all is well with you guys keep updated!!


Hawkfin - April 8

Bad news for us - our second ultra sound showed a blighted ovum that we now have to wait for a natural miscarriage - very sad but we will try again! Goodluck to all x


gawaters59 - May 2

So sorry hawkfin, may God bless you and give you your hearts desire. I am writing as a grandmother. My daughter is pregnant for the first time and is due 11-1-11 with TWINS. Getting to this point was long but we are thankful to God for this miracle. She (we) heard their heartbeats at 6wk.6d and yes I cried. Blessings to all!!!


juliet2011 - May 2

This is my first time pregnant. I am 13 weeks and having experienced so many bleeding problems. Everytime I go for an ultra sound the baby is ok. I have to go for another ultrasound again now this week as I have had blood pouring out when I go to pee over the weekend. It is drying up again now.


benichole - May 3

Did you feel your twins move already?


gawaters59 - May 3

No benichole, my daughter has not felt them move, however, they are active according to ultrasound!!


helenspinkbunny - June 2

i thought i was 12 weeks but am 10 had first u/s yestertday is it normal to feel a bit disappointed, we thought it was going to be twins and its one, i'm very happy this baby was planned and is very much wanted but i feel i've gone back a step and its taken forever i was so excited and i know its only 2 weeks difference, maybe its jsut my hormones looks like a kidney, my baby kidney though. also my b/f has lost his s_x drive since finding out i'm pregnant, he loves me and i him he just doesnt want s_x and it's getting me down.


Vine - June 8

I'm 11 weeks and thrilled, we have been trying for a little while for a baby (after 8 years of marriage) my husband is so happy and so wonderful. Our s_x life has continued as normal, when I have been feeling well enough that is. Unfortunately I have an auto immune condition that means my nerves find it hard to identify sensation, so I have been feeling a huge amount of pain theselast few weeks, but I am hoping it will ease off for the 2nd trimester. Going for the NT scan next week, really hoping everything is fine as I have a family history of nural tube defect ( although I have been taking folate for months). Hope all you other 1st time Mum's are as excited as me



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