Anyone Else 8 Weeks Out There

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madison - February 6

hey! just looking to find some other ladies who are at 8 weeks, as well, and wondering what symptoms you are all having and if any of you have had your first dr.'s appt yet? i am 8 weeks today and have my first appt this thursday. this is my first pregnancy. i have had hardly any M/S so far. what about you all?


meg - February 6

I'm 9 weeks tomorrow...had my 2nd appt. today & dr. said that everything looks great. (I had an u/s 2 1/2 weeks ago because of some spotting). I have had virtually no symptoms...just really tired. This is my 1st pregnancy as well, & I am super paranoid about everything! Dr. did schedule me for another u/s in 1 week to rea__sure me...I can't wait!!


madison - February 6

wow you are lucky you have already had an appt ! good for you! its such a stressful time since i dont really know what i should be feeling like. most of the time i feel totally normal, i've had diff symptoms come and go and lately i just have some very mild nausea that doesnt last long and i am tired. i do have some gagging but no food cravings. my b___bs are not sore anymore either. cant wait for thursday to come so i can hopefully put my mind at ease. did you have any cramping yet?


finallypregnant - February 6

hi there.. im 8 weeks today also..... i am not feeling too many symptons right now.. from about 5-7 weeks i had really bad morning sickness and was constantly tired but now its pretty much gone away...... i had an ultrasound last week because of some spotting and i thought something was wrong because of symptoms going away but all was good and i saw the heartbeat and i have anohther appt on thursday.. this is also my first pregnancy


meg - February 7

I've had cramping off & on since before AF was due 5 weeks ago. The dr. said that as long as it's not sever, or not accompanied by any bleeding, then it's nothing to worry about...just the ligaments stretching. Now I kind of look forward to the light's sort of rea__suring! I just want it to be next Tues. already so I can have my u/s...I'm very impatient! :)


hopefull - February 7

I would have been eight weeks this coming wednesday, but unfortunatley I was involved in a car accident, and suffered internal injuries. Thus misscarrying. I wish all of you the best with your pregnancies - And just out of curiosity. . . How long did it take each of you to get pregnant? The reason I ask is - it took my husband and I almost 18months of ttc. I just wanted to know if any of you guys had dificulty at first too. Thanks. Once again - All the best.


Clare1313 - February 7

Hopefull I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal and for your loss!! I hope that YOU are ok?? Let me give you some hope or at least my story. I'm 40 and had 2 early m/c last year. Last m/c was oct 29 - had 1 period dec 15 and am now 7w4d pregnant. Hubby and I weren't going to wait and started trying right away - doctor did warn us that a woman is more fertile after a m/c as hormones are all still elevated and ready for another try - only thing is trying to figure out when you'll ovulate. But please don't despair- as long as you are healthy both physically and emotionally after your m/c, you can start trying again asap! Also, if it took you 18 months did you see a specialist? I will certainly say a prayer for you and wish you and dh the very best! Keep us posted!


Lacey - February 7

I will be eight weeks tomorrow. This is my first pregnancy. My first Dr. Appointment is this Thursday morning. I can hardly wait!!! I have had extreamly sore bbs, very hungry all the time, mild nausea, heartburn, gagging, very, very, very tired, and some back pain. Oh and mood swings. Feel sorry for dh, lol.


drea - February 8

I am 8 weeks and have my forst appt on Friday, but i had a sonogram at 7 weeks because of some strange pains i was having which turned out to be gas and constipation (really bad constipation) so everything is fine. i'm really looking forward to my first full appt, i have tons of questions and hopefully i will be able to get another ultrasound. luckily, i havent had much m/s just some mild nausea from time to time, tired, sore b___bs, peeing a lot, but my biggest problem is severe bloating and constipation, hopefully the m/s will skip me. congrats to all of you on your pregnancies... :-)


Lil Lady - February 8

I am almost 8 wks. I had an U/S last week & got to see my lil peanut. At 7 wks I didn't see any limbs, but I did see the head, the body & the heartbeat. Everything looks fine but I do have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy. I pee a couple of times every night & I have horrible morning sickness. I hope this will pa__s soon. This is my 4th pregnancy. My first resulted in miscarriage, was blighted ovum I believe. I have had 2 healthy boys since then. So this is our last & hoping for a girl. Not to brag or anything but every time I have been pregnant, we had unprotected s_x 1 time. I know most people have s_x days in a row or every other day for TTC but we only do it once & if it happens it happens. Sure enough it happens! My LMP was Dec. 14 & my EDD is Sept. 22. Congrats to all who are pregnant or TTC!


Rania - February 8

Hi all, well this is my first pregnancy too and the first day of my 8th week is this coming saturday. I have not had the chance to go to the doctor yet. the main symptoms that I have been having is cramping in the stomach, ensomnia, and most of the time I am extremly tired. The one thing I am worried about is that whenever I want to go to sleep I have difficulty breathing. I am not sure why. Maybe because I am over weight but I did not have this problem before so I am worried. My husband is saying that I could be pregnant with twins and maybe that is why. Any of you knows what could be the problem. Thanks.


NoelleH - February 8

I am 8 weeks today! I've had sore b___bs since before I found out I was preg (which was what made me test) and up until last week I didn't really have any symptoms. This last week and a half I've been pretty nauseous. Also, I used to eat super healthy. The thought of eating a salad now makes me sick! Thank goodness I'm still able to eat fruit. I have my first OB appointment on Friday. Can't wait!!


mariec - February 10

I am 8 wks 3 days today!!!! =)



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