Anyone Else 9 1 2 Weeks

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Sara - June 10

Hi everyone! I went to my doctor today, found out i'm 9 1/2 weeks. I'll be due Jan. 8th. Anyone else?


Jessica - June 10

I am also due Jan. 8th for my first. Congrats!!!


Jessica - June 11

My name is also Jessica. I am due on Jan. 8th, and am almost 10 weeks. This is my second.


tilly - June 12

I'm due January 12th. My first. Saw my baby's heartbeat for the first time on friday!!!!!! Congrats to ya'll


Sara - June 12

I went to see my doctor on Friday and got an ultrasound done. The baby lokked like a little been, so cute. You can see the picture here in my journal.


sam - June 12

I'm almost 9 weeks, due jan.18. I was wondering if anyone else has had b___st tenderness and then it disappeared around 8 weeks. I'm really concerned b/c I'm a higher risk pregnancy and don't know if thats a sign of miscarriage. I just saw my baby by u/s a couple days ago and heard the heart beat but this just happened the day after my doc visit. please respond


Sara - June 12

Well, I don't have any symptoms. I did have b___st tenderness in the first weeks but it subsided. Now I can just see that my veins are dark,thats it.


Karen - June 12

I'm due on January 20th... but haven't been to the MD yet.. My first appointment is the 23rd.. Which aggravates me.. Everyone due around my time has went already. This is my 1st baby


Lia - June 13

Sam, I'm due on the 18 too and over the weekend I noticed that my b___st weren't as full. They say this happens. I wouldn't worry about it. This is my 1st and I' not considered high risk.


Shea - June 14

I'm due Jan 12th also, and this is my first. My doctor just changed my due date from Dec 30th b/c of my ultrasound. Saw my baby's heartbeat and little arms moving around!


Lee-Jones - June 15

Hi all, I am due on January 14th. I have been on bedrest since May 26th, which is driving me nuts. While in the emergency room last night I had my 5th ultrasound done... Baby Jones was swaying from side to side.


Tina - June 16

Lee-Jones: Are you going to be on bed rest for the entire pregnancy? Why so soon? I was on bed rest for about 2 months with my first. I feel for you! Gives a whole new meaning to cabin fever, doesn't it?? ;)



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