Anyone Else A Little Overweight

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DanielleV - May 10

Since I broke my ankles last year I have gained some weight. I am around 170! I am worried that I wont show or that I will become FAT while pregnant since I was on a diet before I got pregnant. Is anyone else worried about this, and how are you dealing with the only gain 25 pounds...statement, are you scared too? I am scared of being really fat but I eat healthy and dont want the baby to suffer.


A - May 10

I am also a little overweight. I am 10w 4d and I am already showing. I have gained. 5 lbs so far, which isn't bad. I am extremely scared that I am going to gain too much and be much bigger after having the baby- making it much more difficult to loose the weight.


Melissa - May 10

I am also a little overweight as well. im 11 weeks tomorrow and very scared about how big i will get, i don't want to be horribly huge when i was weighed the other day i almost had a heart attack when i saw the numbers 182, i dont want to be 200 lbs... anyway your not alone


Thats Nothing - May 10

I am 5'10 and 270 pounds, I am 10 weeks 3 days, and I actually lost 5 pounds in my first trimester. They say that most overweight pregnancies result in little to no weight gain. Dont stress, I am more worried about possible gestational diabetes. or high blood pressure. Who cares what you look like, enjoy your pregnancy and try to stay as healthy as possible by eating well, and they say walking is very good excercise. Good Luck ladies :)


DanielleV - May 11

Thanks for the hints.ITs so hard not to compare to everyone else. I know I eat healthy, I am concerned wondering If I am pregnant with twins or something. I went off birthcontrol and that same month I got pregnant. I went off the pill thursday and supposdly I was prego by the next monday. Kind of strange. Well, good luck to you all, and I suppoe the only thing we should worry about is being healthy. :)


Kristen - May 11

On a good note - if you decide to b___stfeed your new babies, the weight comes off simply (and quickly)! At least this has been my experience, and all the books tell you the same... anyway, no stress! The weight will come off.


Nimrod - May 11

I'm with you Danielle... Since quitting smoking 5 years ago, I've gone from 125 to 165. I too, am in fear of hitting the 200 lb mark. I'm 10 1/2 weeks pg, and haven't gained any weight so far - I think because I'm eating healthier (and of course, forgoing beer). Unfortunately, I had to dive right in to maternity pants, because my lower belly bloated big-time at about 6 1/2 weeks. I'm told that's a normal side effect related to hormone's effect on the digestive system. It felt SOOO good to be comfortable. Happy & Healthy 9 months to you all!


A little??? I wish - May 11

I weighed 314 last year and had managed to get down to 240 when I found out I was pregnant. I have gained 21 pounds in the last 2 months, and I'm only 3 months pregnant. I gained 111 pounds with my last pregnecy and fought to get it back off. Yes, I'm nervous about the weight AGAIN.. but I'm not going to worry too much about it because worrying isn't healthy ;o) I know once the baby is here, I'll get the weight going down again. In the meantime I am watching what I eat, eating healthy, natural, low fat foods.. but I really think it is my bosy that goes haywire, and not as much what I eat. If you are really worried, see a dietician or nutricianist to get you on the right eating plan now, so it will be easy to continue it after the baby. Good luck :)


oops - May 11

typo city.. sorry about that LOL


Lisa - May 16

I'm with you. I was at 220 a year ago and lost 50 lbs on Adkins. I am at around 180ish now and found out I am about 4-6 weeks along. I already had to buy new pants. I am so use to the low carb thing that I am stuggling to eat fruit and carbs but I am focused on a healthy balanced diet so, so far so good. I see a doctor next month and what I am scared about is them weighing me in front of my other half. He thinks I weight 140 or so.... Men's concepts are so different! Just focus on walking and staying away from sugar and look forward to walking off the weight with a stroller in hand and a smile on your face as you look at your little one.


Danielle V - May 18

you guys are great! I am walking everyday now for 30 minnutes, and my husband measured it to be a 1.3 mile trek. :)


Nimrod edd 12/3 - May 18

DanielleV: That's Awesome! I've been trying to get in a bit of excercise too. Went golfing Monday (BTW, I'm a beginner & stink at it), and walked most of it while my hubby used the cart. Ended up with quite a st_tch in my side, but it subsided by the next morning. Don't think it had anything to do with pregnancy - just the stretching and extension from swinging the club. Other than that though, it felt GOOD to get moving.


Jennifer - May 18

I just found out 2 days ago that I was pregnant. This morning, I weighed 206, but I weighed 208 at the doctor's (because I had on clothes and shoes). I had lost weight before I got married in June 2004 and got down to 180...then the weight started to creep back up. I'm not sure how far along I am or not, but I think I gained about 5 lbs in the past month or 2 and that could be baby weight. I have not changed my eating habits as I had cut down on food to try to lose weight anyhow. I don't really eat that much in a day and I want my baby to get enough, but I don't intend to increase my food intake unless my doctor advises it. But I do seem to get hungrier earlier. I am somewhere between 6-8 weeks. If I wasn't pregnant, my goal weight was to get down to 150, but now that's gonna be put on hold for a while. :(



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