Anyone Else ABSOLUTELY Miserable With Morning Sickness

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michelleB - September 24

Hi ladies: is anyone else finding it hard to stay positive when you are feeling so bad? I have felt absolutely horrible for 2 weeks and I am really struggling to try and stay positive. I literally feel like I have the flu every day ALL day. Anyone else??


michelleB - September 24

some more info: I'm 8 weeks today. It's my first pregancy. I miscarried back in January, so I feel so bad complaining, but MAN, this is tough!!


bb220 - September 24

Hi michelle! I am so there with you!! I am 11 weeks and have had major m/'s since my 5th week! I to had a miscarriage but mine was in March. My doc says that this is a great sign!!! But I am still so sick!!!


bb220 - September 24

Oh yeah I've lost 10 pounds!!! I'm 5'9 and now weigh 168. I weighed 178 when I found out I was pg. Granted that weight sounds like a lot but I'm not really fat. I have a website on you can see who you are talking too!


HeavenisMine - September 24

I m/c in january too, I got pregnant again in march, thankfully this one has stuck, 32 weeks today. I had the worst m/s from week five all the way to week 12. It started to calm after that and was gone by week 15/16. Take bad m/s as a good sign, and don't worry if you find you feel good some days. I had days where I actually felt fine, and I worried because of it, but then m/s would show it's ugly face again. I hope you can find some relief, I know it sounds like an eternity but you can do it!


michelleB - September 24

gosh, it's so nice to feel like I am not alone! I am just counting the days until I am 12 weeks!! Mine started at about 5 1/2 weeks.


Crazy - September 24

I am feeling sick all day too. I feel nauseous all day. I am 10 weeks preg now. And m/s started in my 6th week. I have been losing some pounds. took some regallan, tried seabands. But nothing seem to help. :(


jvall2030 - September 24

I am 8 weeks pregnant and I havent had any sickness? Everyone says that you get really sick if its a girl? I really want a girll so we'll see in about 2 months! In the mornings I wake up with a yucky feeling but I eat something before I throw up. I snack during the day so I wont get sick.


mgn - September 24

oh michelle, i feel u sweetheart. how far along are you? i am 9 weeks and starting to feel MUCH better. Week 5-8 were HELL! I am so thankful it has started to pa__s already. I was very depressed and sad when I was sick so I think what your feeling is normal. Now that I feel better I have started looking at baby stuff and furniture and maternity wear for me as well. It will get better, promise. Sea Bands seemed ot alleviate my nasuea. You can get them at any local drug store like Rite Aid or Walgreens. They cost about 10 bucks. Well worth it! Take care!


mgn - September 24

sorry, i just read the other posts. i see your 8 weeks. well, u are almosT there!


Cevvin - September 29

michelleB ask your doc for some meds. They help, i took zofran.


Rainbowbrite - October 1

Hello! sorry to hear about the m/s and i never actually got sick but i did get the nausous feeling... and i called my doctor and they can prescribe you medicine for it that is ok to take while pregnant... maybe check into that???



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