Anyone Else Afraid To Get Excited

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Allison - June 29

I'm so happy that I'm pregnant but so worried that somethign could go wrong. Part of me just wants to let go and be happy - and then part of me wants to hold back so I don't get dissapointed. Anyone else feel the same? It's TIRING!!!


Allison - June 29

I definitely feel the same..I feel like each week is dragging.. I just want to get to 12 weeks! I'm just over 7 weeks now. I don't see my dr. again until 10 weeks and can't wait to get in there so they can hear the heartbeat - that will be another hurdle I will be glad to be past!


LK - June 29

Same thing happening to me....sometimes when I start to get excited, I stop and actually think that I could jinx my pregnancy!


GH - June 29

same here!!!! I have my first ultrasound next tuesday at 7 weeks and hope so badly that I see the heartbeat so that I can start relaxing.....I want to be excited but it seems that so much could go wrong....


Crystal - June 29

Yes. You're not alone. I'm seven weeks and afraid of miscariage or worse. I have a history of negative pregnancies, so it's hard to stay focused on the positive. Hang in there.


June Bride - June 30

I agree! I have had two chemical pregnancies that both ended in miscarriage. This is the first pregnancy where my HCG levels are steadily increasing. Last # was 3853 at 6 weeks (doctor said it was good). Every time it feels like I have discharge, I run (literally) to the bathroom to check to make sure I am not having another miscarriage. I have a sonogram/ultrasound on the 13th - waiting is killing me! My thoughts are with you all!


Stacey - July 1

I just found out that I am pregnant this am, and am very happy, yet scared. I m/c in Jan,so am trying to be pos. but am nervous as well. I don't see my dr. for until the 19th, but will go for blood work next week.


Amy - July 1

allison YES i feel this way i want to be so happy but i m/c may 3 and i can't seem to get all that can happen out of my mind and just be happy i'm scared if i get happy somthing will go wrong my family will say something about the baby comming and i find my self wanted to say well that if all goes well i don't want to be like that !


shelly - July 1

Yes, I feel the same way, but am trying not to worry. At first I wasn't going to tell anyone until after my first trimester, but this week decided to tell everyone. I am 6 weeks pregnant and can't wait until my next doc visit at 10 weeks so I can hear the heartbeat. I told myself to be happy and try not to worry, worrying dosen't help anything so try not to.


Q - July 1

I'm totally in the same boat as everyone. I'm 9 weeks along and can't help but get excited, then suddenly think, wait, don't get too excited yet. I don't know. I'm really trying to stay positive, I had a m/c earlier this year, but so far everything seems to be going well. I can't wait for this first trimester to be over.


Carrie - July 2

June Bride, What is a chemical pregnancy and how do you know if you had one? I mc in April so I am real nervous to get excited, especially since my periodisn't even late yet. My last af was 6-3. I hve been taking tests all week (including today) and they have all been positive. My only symptom so far is slight nausea and perhaps a bit tired.


Gina - July 6

Yes! It is scary. Every time I get excited I interupt the joy to reason with myself and say, "you're only 6 weeks, don't jump the gun here." Which just makes me feel lousy. This week I am going to focus on feeling the joy and just saying hello to the little one in those moments instead of trying to convince myself to wait until the right time to be happy -



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