Anyone Else Due In July 2009 Just Got My BFP

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Treybugs Momma - October 28

Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has gotten a BFP yet! I was on the TTC board for a long time but it stressed me out so bad I took a break! Its hilarious that I got preggo this month because we only did it once because I had oral surgery and I wanted to be super safe. Figures I would do it like a jack rabbit and then get preggo when I wasnt trying. I didnt believe the test I took so I made my husband run out and get a digital!!! So now I am trying to avoid all the miscarriage info and not stress about it. I go in the morning to get my HCG levels checked and my first OBGYN appt is Dec 9TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW I am married with a 6year old son and I am kinda freaking out about having another one!! I think I may be out of practice!!! I want a little girl so bad but a healthy baby is 1st in my book!!!


hope-31 - October 28

hi i just found out this past friday that im pregnant. been ttc for 18months since m/c. due july6th. i am 4weeks and go nov 11th for u/s. still in shock since i always felt so "broken". we sought a fertility specialist in may. i pray its a sticky one. you too.


Treybugs Momma - October 28

Man everyone I know has had a miscarriage and to tell the truth I never worried at all with my first one. But since we have tried so hard with this one (10 months) it is freaking me out. So I just try to relax and tell myself if it happens its for the best. But I pray for a sticky one too!! I wonder why my doc is having me come in so late?? My due date is July 7th and they are having me come in about a month after yours. Hmm I am going to give them a ring!


Chimerasai - October 29

I got two due dates. One is June 29 and the other was July 1. I like the July 1st date better, so I might just stick with that! :) We had been ttc for a couple of years (after a m/c) and finally got pg on our 3rd round of clomid/IUI. I have been getting bloodwork done every Monday and my HCG & progesterone looks good. I get my first u/s on Nov 10th. I will be 7wks. I read a daily journal that tells me what is happening with the baby today. My little beans heart is beating now! I am so excited. Sticky dust to you!


punktaw - October 29

Hi! I'm due June 12. I had a miscarriage in February of this year. I am driving my nurse crazy with dumb phone calls because I am absolutely scared to death. I want this baby so badly! I have seen the heartbeat and seen my little peanut (but that doesn't give me peace because I saw it also when I miscarried). I go again on Nov. 21 when I will be 11 weeks. I pray I have something to be thankful about :o)


melle10 - October 29

I also got my BFP this past weekend too. I think I'm due about July 1st or there abouts. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I have a little 2 year old. I'm going in on the 13th for my first dr. visit.


buffy2297 - October 30

Hi by my dates I'm due 30th June but doubt it will arrive on time so I guess mine could be a July baby as well. I have had two m/c's and then a healthy daughter who will be 2 years old on 1st February 2009. Got my first midwife appointment on 10th November and plan to pay for a private scan around 8 weeks just to put my mind at rest that all is going to plan. It's horrible that we have to worry so much but previous experience stops me getting to excited. Anyway it's nice to share with those in the same boat. Sticky baby dust to you all.


Treybugs Momma - October 30

Well I went and had my HCG tested yesterday and it was 146 which the doc said is about 4 weeks. So I am still very early. They are having me come in on Friday to test my HCG again and they said we are looking for it to double. I am freaking out about having a MC because I just have so many friends who have had one. My doc told me not to worry that I had one healthy birth and have no history of MC so no reason to think it on this one. I think I will end up being one of those pests at the docs office that gets my HCG measured once a week. LOL


mommylovesyou - November 1

hey everyone - dont know if anyone remembers me but i was on the TTC boards for a long time a few months back & like treybugs had to take a break. just recently got my BFP & i am due July 5th cannot wait!!!


stefkay - November 5

Hi girls, I just wanted to post here and say Congratulations to you all!!!! I am not pregnant, lol, thank god not yet because I just had my daughter this past July (July 8) and it is fun to see the next July mommies start coming on here! :) I remember that I too had had more than one miscarriage before getting pregnant with my daughter, and like some of you, we just stopped trying and that month she was conceived! I remember we had s_x like only a couple of times and the only time remotely close to ovulation was like 4 days prior and i even jumped up and ran to the bathroom right after. I was literally in shock when I saw that super dark line last Halloween (Oct. 31 was when I tested with a leftover test from the previous months of trying). I thought so many times that I would lose the pregnancy again, but it went so smoothly and as I type I have a beautiful baby girl laying on my lap asleep. You all are in for an amazing ride!!!!! Much sticky baby dust to you all :) HUGS


tk07 - November 6

I just found out! I am going to be due about July 13th 2009. This is my third pregnancy and i have one daughter. I miscarried my first. I am hoping and praying everything is ok this time around. I am so scared! I am going for a blood test monday and then again on wednesday next week.


mkk - November 6

Hey congrats everyone! I'm due July 5th, which is exciting! Earlier this year I suffered an ectopic that the doctors didn't catch in time...bad times! But sans a little low progesterone, that I'm picking up a prescription for today, so far this one is healthy and happy. We got to see it on the ultra sound at only 1 month! and are going back in a few weeks to hear the heart beat.


Glowmom - November 6

Congratulations!!!! I'm also due July 16, 2009 and I have my first u/s & ob visit on Dec 9th, I can't wait!!!!! I haven't posted on this website in over 1yr and 1/2 when I was pregnant with my last daughter who died during my labor and was stillborn and so very beautiful!!! We just celebrated her 1yr anniversary on Oct 9, I don't know where the time went, it still seems like only yesterday I held her in my arms. My other children keep me soo busy, that I don't even have time to think. They're 13, 10, and 8 and longed for another baby as myself & hubby. My daugter who is 8 couldn't wait to be a big sister, I cry 1,000 times over when I see their pain. No one truly understands it unless they too experieced such a horrible tragedy of losing a baby. My heart goes out to all parents who lost their children. I truly believe God has a plan, and every child is a gift, and the best gift of all is being a Mother. God always sends a rainbow after the storm, it's my faith that keeps me going. I'm sorry to be going on and on I haven't written anything in all this time since I lost her. Never doubt yourself, and you'll never be out of practice!!!! You'll be surprised how much your 6yr old will enjoy helping in any way he can. He'll be a proud Big brother!!! We've been praying & trying for another for 1yr and my kids were so excited to find out that I'm pregnant again. I know it's hard to be walking on eggshells for 9 months, that's why I just have to enjoy every moment because life is so precious and short. I can't live in fear everyday because it will rob me of the joy of this moment. I'm PREGNANT again and I just want to shout for JOY!!!! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers, and before you know it we'll be enjoying our "Summer Babies"!!!! Congrats again to your family!!!!!!!!


praying4peanut - November 6

I too just got my BFP this past weekend and am due around July 13th next year. This is my first pregnancy and me & DH had been trying for a year. I finally got on Clomid in October and lo and behold here I am. I was just wondering what type of symptoms are you all having? I have just started having something called "gas pains last night" and it's quite painful and scary. I really freaked out! Otherwise, I've been cramping for a few weeks, have sore BBs and have great smells. Anyone else familiar with gas pains??? Is this real? It feels like a knife two inches about my belly b___ton! Congrats to everyone!


Temperance - November 6

I'm due 8th July 2009. So excited, will contact the MW soon but not just yet enjoying the secret :)


mommylovesyou - November 6

praying4peanut i would not worry about those gas pains. i am 5.5 weeks now & have had MAJOR gas pains, when I stand up or stretch to quickly i have shooting pains in my lower abdomen, had a few sharp chest pains but nothing too serious. On & off i've had some very mild cramping but the worst is my BBS -- SOOOOO SORE! I hate sleeping in a bra but i've been sleeping in a sports bra everynight in order to be comfortable. I've also had mild nausea on & off (mostly at night or during the day usually while in a car) & slight lightheadedness. Also very very tired! But like tk07 i am due July 5th & can't wait!


praying4peanut - November 6

mommylovesyou - thanks for the response - my only concern still is that the pains are in my upper abdomen. The doctor put me on a clear liquid diet and stool softeners and antacids but I guess with how hard we tried and how much we want this to be good, I get easily concerned!



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