Anyone Else Due June 2006

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mama-beans - October 8

Newly pregnant with my 2nd child ( YEAH) and just looking for anyone to moan and complain with through this pregnancy! HA HA! I am very much looking forward to the next 9 months!


heather - October 8

hello well i'm due the 9th of june.. but I thought that I was due the 21 of may. but at my doctors appt. my doctor did an ultrasound and you could only really see the sack and he asked me if I was for sure on my due date (may 21) and I told him I thought so. so he measuered the sack and the sack measured at 5 weeks and he said wqell your only 5 weeks? so you cant really see anything at 5 weeks. but I'm still confused. I still could't see anything but grayish hazzy things and he said that was my baby. but I so worried . well If you know anything about thins or you have any info please let me know ok thanks. bye


JENNIFER - October 9

Well, I am due June 22, 2006. I took a pregnany test it came out positive and so I went to get a blood test done and it came back positive too. I was kinda scared because just a couple of months ago I had taken a pregnancy test and it came out positive, several of them did. Then I went and got a blood test and it was negative so I think I had a chemical pregnancy. That was in June. Then in July I still didn't start my period. And finally in August 15th I had one. Then by the end of September I still didn't get my period so I took the test and it came out positive. I am still scared because by my calculations I should be 7 weeks pregnant but by the blood test I am only 4 weeks pregnant. I felt some signs of pregnancy a few days ago but today I am not for sure. I don't have a doctors appt. until Friday and I am not sure if they are going to do an ultrasound or not. Well I hope that all is ok. well if anyone want s to chat I am in the same boat. Due in June.


LORI - October 9



Nikki - October 9

I am due June 4th. This is my 4th pregnancy, but I have no living children. My first 2 were early losses, & my most recent resulted in a stillbirth on July 22nd. I have my first ultrasound tomorrw to see is the baby is implanted in my uterus & see if there is a heartbeat. I am a nervous wreck. I want this baby so badly.


MooBaby - October 9

Lori I am due June 14th too! I am a nervous wreck right there with you! My first pregnancy and I am just praying to make it through to the second trimester. Hang in there, I'll be thinking of you!


Sarah - October 10

I'm due june 25th according to the due date calulator.Tonight I took took tests and they both came out positive but really,really light.I am not suppose to start until the 16th.Did anyone else find out 7 days before they missed their period?


Trish - October 10

Hello ladies. I'd love to join your thread as I think I will be due 15th June. I still need to see my doctors though as I just ran a pregnancy test this weekend the second time and it turned to pos as opposed to last time, which gave me neg. I am very excited but in real, me and DH are shocked as I suffer from irregular periods so I thought it may take a while to conceive. But I did straigtaway. I think I am 4 weeks and completing my 5th in 2 days. I have been having pains on the side of my abdomen. Does anyone feel like this? I feel a bit heavy? I had a bit of nausea this morning but its manageable. Since its too early I am a bit scared about letting anyone in my office kno so need to try my best to keep it low. Any ideas to combat ms at work?


MooBaby - October 10

Hi Trish! Yes, I have experienced pains on my right side of my abdomen 2 days after I missed my period and found out I was PG. It almost felt like the pain was centered around my ovary. Then yesterday, pain on my left side. It is intermittant and sometimes sharp. Check out what other ladies told me when I asked the question in the First Trimester section t_tled "Help! Pain in my ovaries!" This may help as it has helped me alot. Good luck!!


angelbaby - October 10

Jennifer-I too had a chemical pregnancy a year ago. So strange. My body still thought I was pregnant (although the symptoms were not as strong) and there was a sac, just no baby. I have been a little nervous of a repeat. I am only 7 weeks along, but my ultrasound next week should tell. Sarah-I got a positive test exactly 7 days before my period. It was a faint positive, but that was only because my HCG levels were still low. I took a test about the time my period would come and it was much stronger. How is everyone feeling? I have a vague nausia pretty much all day right now, very hormonal, and very tired. Also, my b___sts have never been so full and firm! Yeah!


masjls - October 10

Hiya all, I'm also due in June (btwn.5-7th, apparently..)I've also been having cramps, especially in the evening, nothing major, though...I also feel bloated pretty much from the start..I think all these things are normal, your body is just getting used to all the changes taking place inside...I feel tired a lot as well, so I started taking naps in the afternoon..(Haven't done this since kindergarden...;) Have been pigging out as well, can't believe myself how much c___p I've been eating of late...I hope I won't b__w up like a balloon too soon...Hope all goes well for all of us...


Stephanie - October 10

Hi Mommys-to-be!!! I am 6 weeks PG with my first! I am so excited, but also nervous at the same time...I didn't really have that many symptoms when I first found out at 4 weeks, but as soon as I hit the 6 week mark I started getting the morning sickness...Well all day sickness I should say! I found these things on-line called Preggie Pops that are supposed to help MS! So far they have been a great help! I won't get to see my Ob-Gyn until the 28th of this month so I am sitting here going crazy just waiting:( I hope everything goes well with everyones PG! Talk to you all soon!


mama-beans - October 10

For morning sickness, try smelling peppermint tea bags. My midwife last pregnancy suggested this, and it worked for me! haven't gotten sick yet this time around, so don't know if it works every time...


Melissa - October 12

Hi there! First-time pregnant, due June 5th. I am nervous as anything! I have only one pregnancy symptom and that is TIRED! I can sleep all day. I just had another ultrasound yesterday and we saw the heartbeat, which was great. HCGs are up to about 32,000 so things are progressing nicely. We had a scare when at 6 weeks we couldn't find the heartbeat, but we found it yesterday. Turns out, I was about a week off in considering my ovulation date, so I am not as far along as we originally thought. But my nerves are settled as far as that is concerned. I am taking progesterone suppositoroes, which are nasty, but it's only for the 1st trimester. Looking forward to the changes and the belly too! But so far have not really had any symptoms. No nausea, vomiting, b___st tenderness etc. Nipples are larger thats about it, and the sleepiness.


JENNIFER - October 12

Hi everyone! Thank you angelbaby for the imput it helped me to know that I am no the only one out there that this has happened to. I am still nervous. I have been having nausea lately and have been peeing like crazy. My b___bs haven't been all that sore yet. But this is my 5th pregnancy and 3rd child. And they say that every pregnancy is different. We are hoping for a boy this time. I have two beautiful girls and now it is time for our boy, but won't be heartbroken it its another girl! I have had problems in the past with my pregnancies. I lost two babies at 21 weeks because of an incompetent cervix. So now with my pregnancies they really watch me. I hope that all is well with all of you gals!! And hope that your pregnancies are uneventful and that you have happy ones!! I have a doctors appointment Friday so I will know more then about how far along I am and hopefully they do an ultrasound that day!! Good luck to all of you. Heather, you could have ovulated later in your cycle and that is why you aren't that far along yet. That is what happened to me in all my pregnancies and they said its because I ovulate later than everyone else. So hang in there I am sure everything is fine.


Jamie - October 12

I'm due the 15th of June. I had an ultrasound done today at the docter to see how far along I was and all I could see was a tiny black dot and the docter said it was probably the beginning of a sac but that I wasn't far enough along to see anything. Is that true? I would have thought you could at least see the sac at four weeks.


ashley - October 12

I am due june 2. This is my 1st very excited yet worried and scared something will go wrong! I'm being so cautious. Any tips for me?



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