Anyone Else Due Mid Feb

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Dolfinchik - June 15

I am looking for someone who is also due mid feb. I'm due Feb 13th. I want someone who can share these moments with me.


momma2be1988 - June 16

i am due feb 9th have u told everyone, or r u going to wait, i cant decide


KimS - June 16

Hey Ladies I am due the 13 th too.. I have my firts doctors appt on Wednesday. I am hoping to get an ultrasound to see the heartbeat.. how are you ladies feeling? We've told a couple of close friends but that's it.. once we see the heartbeat we may tell a few more


tiphanai - June 16

Hi mommas. Congrats to everyone! I'm due on Feb. 20th - have also told a few girlfriends but trying to keep it quiet until the 12 week mark. Do we get to see an ultrasound on the 6-week visit? My doc didn't mention it..


Dolfinchik - June 17

I am so excited I have told a lot of people. I cant wait to see the ultrasound. I have to wait a while for my doctor though :( really sucks but she is good. I cannot WAIT!!!! around what time does the chance of a miscarriage decrease enough to make it almost positive it will last?


tiphanai - June 17

Hi dolphin, my doc said that 1 in 7 pregnancies end in miscarriage, but that once we enter the 2nd trimester that risk is dramatically reduced. I just try to think positive and believe that if God ends the pregnancy early he must have a good reason (ie. fetal damage or something like that) Hope that helps. tiffany


kleighw - June 17

I'm due around the 18th, anybody been sick or experiencing any other symptoms? I dont' really have any but slight nausea and i'm extremely tired! and i have not been able to keep my big mouth shut :) i've been telling everybody!


Dolfinchik - June 17

HAHA kleighw!!! I am the same exact way! I am so excited I cant keep quiet! I am only feeling slight nausea as well, no actual throwing up yet and I also fall asleep in like 2 seconds randomly! Haha. Is this supposed to be the peak of our nasea? (i know everyone is different) I am so happy! I cant wait to see my baby at the ultra sound. My doctors office is slow so i have to wait til mid JULY!!!! AAAHHH how is everyone else feeling?


Suzy0117 - June 17

I'm due on the 16th, so also a mid-February due date. I cannot wait to see the heartbeat, especially since I had a little bleeding last Sunday. I'm having an ultrasound on Monday to make sure that the pregnancy isn't ectopic, and then my doctor told me that if they can't detect the heartbeat at that time (which it will probably be too early), he'll keep monitoring every few days until we get a heartbeat. I'm excited, but cautiously so right now. I just want to see that heart beating!!!


hrsmith - June 17

I just found out I am preganant today!!! I am due Feb. 22 ( I think). This is my second. My dear son is only 8 months. Boy am I going to have my hands full.


shesdymed - June 17

well i took a home pregnancy test 3 days ago and they were all positive. if i calculate i should b due around february 18-20th somewhere around there.


shesdymed - June 17

honestly i dont feel pregnant at all though i barely have any symptom. it feels like they come and go. i have soar b___st and cramps& a tinyyy bittt of nautiousness but rarely but IM ALLWAYYSSS SLEEPING!! lol . i've been thinkin about maybe keepin the babys s_x unkown until he/she is born but im impatient i dont think ima b able to wait that long loolll . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WITH THEIR PREGNANCY!!!!! i dont plann on telling everyone until i know my baby is okay and everythin goes fine.. idk i rather keep it private until im ready


shannon5980 - June 17

hello ladies, had my first check up yesterday and the doctor told me my due date is feb 17th.


looby - June 18

Hi ladies, congrats to you all! I'm going to see my doc tomorrow and have a thousand questions to ask her. Think I'm due on feb 14th, but hope doc will confirm that. I've been sleeping whenever I can, can't get emough of it! Have really sore b___bs too. Keep getting a pain on the lower right side of my tummy whenever I have a bowel movement and am worried it could be an ectopic pregnancy. Does any one else have this? Trying to stay positive and not htink about it too much until I've seen the doc. I'm really hoping she'll be able to hear the heartbeat and put my mind at rest, but it's probably too early.


blessedmom78 - June 18

Hey Girls! I'm 5wks and 2 days. I'm not sick yet (but in previous pregnancies it hit me after 6 wks). I too have very sore b___sts, can't stand to take off my bra, I've been sleeping in one! I'm also exhausted. I took a 3hr nap today! I'm also anxious, as I lost one at 22 wks and had lots of trouble with my daughter (she's 5 now). My HCG on June 13th was 113 (I thought was low but nurse rea__sured me) and I'm scheduled for U/S on Friday 23rd. We have told only parents and syblings.


Dolfinchik - June 19

is anyone having weird discharge? If this is TMI i'm sorry but this is my first pregnancy and I dont know if this is normal.... For the past 3 days or so I have been having brown (very light, almost yellowish) discharge... is this normal? anyone else experiencing this or anything like it? I did have s_x about 4 days ago, could it be old blood?


KimS - June 20

Hey Dolfinchik.. I had the same thing on sunday past, father's day, we had s_x in the morning, then when we were going to bed that night and there was some light brown spotting on my underwear and when I wiped... I hope it's normal.. I see my doctor tomorrow so will ask then.. keep me posted if you hear first!!



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