Anyone Else Due Nov 1

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emma - March 8

New to this site just curious if anyone else has same due date.


Kim - March 8

A bunch of us are due around Halloween and there are a couple of posts started on this. I am estimating that I am due around 10/30 but I will not have a due date until my first appt. on 03/25. Congratulations to you! I am so excited!


lisa - March 8

hi...i am due oct.31. how are you feeling? so you are 6 weeks have you had and us??


Danielle - March 9

Hi Kim I am due November 8th so that is close


sally - March 9

I'm due Nov 7th


HAYLEY - March 9



emma - March 9

I am feeling ok. A little tired and a little nauseous. That just started on monday. Oh and alot bloated. No ultrasound yet I go to the doctor on March 28. So we will see. What if any symptoms do you all have


noams - March 9

Hi I am due November 10 by my calculations, my last AF was feb 2


Kim - March 9

Hi Danielle and the other ladies on here. If I go by my LMP, I am due on 10/30 but I know that I ovulated late in February and so I may be due in early November as well. How is everyone feeling? At this point, I only have sore b___sts and acne (which I never had before!) and I am pretty hungry at times and a bit moody too. That's about it. I can't wait until my first appt!


Brooke - March 10

Hi, I'm estimating I'm due around Nov 7. My first apt. is tomorrow. This is number 2 for me. This time it seems the symptoms are much more intense. I'm extremely tired and dizzy. But very excited!!! So hows everyone else feeling?


sunny - March 10

Hi everyone, went to see doctor today and he gave me due date of 1 nov as well. Breasts are feeling tender especially on the sides, seem to be losing my appet_te a bit and I've also encountered 2 separate days of morning sickness, awful experience. How's everyone else feeling at this stage?


Sarah M. - March 14

Hi ladies! I finally got a BF positive over the weekend. I took the test twice just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The best I can figure is that I ovulated toward mid February. My cycles have been irregular. I started having symptoms (very sore b___sts, back breaking out, bloated) February 27th. My first appointment is April 11th. That seems so far away, but I am sure it will be here before I know it. Today, I have also been feeling a little light headed and crampy, but it's not so bad.


Mythili - March 14

I am due around middle of November (Nov 14)... Did blood test and it confirmed that I am indeed preg. Will go in for Ultrasound in 2 weeks.


Angie - March 26

hi all, how are you all feeling? am feeling abit sick and have sore b___bs (infact their are killing me lol). I am due on the 7th of november and am so excited take care all xxxxxxx


KP - March 28

Emma, I am 29 years old and this is my second baby and I am dure 10/30 to 11/01 not sure yet...


Melissa - March 29

Hi Emma, I'm due November 9th. I just saw the babies heart beat today. Very exciting.


Cher - March 30

I am due Nov 11th with my 4th!! Very nervous yet excited...Congrats to far I have lost my appet_te and have been really tired. Worried about telling everyone, and the comments I will get being I am 30 and on number 4!!!



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