Anyone Else Due Oct 1

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Jess - February 3

I am due Oct 1 and was just wondering if there is anyone else out there with the same due date that I could swap notes with


Amyt - February 3

Close to my b-day! I am due Aug 19


jenn - February 3

I'm due Sept. 27th. Just a few days before.


Beth - February 3

No sorry, my little one cannot wait that long, my dr actually just pushed my due date up by 6 days after reading results of an u/s I am now due Aug.31


Jess - February 3

Jess- how are you feeling? Is this your 1st. It is my 1st and don't really have any symptoms other than tender b___sts. How about you?


Rachel - February 3

I'm due on Sept. 27 too. My symptoms are feeling really tired all day, bigger and tender b___sts, and ga__siness.


Natasha - February 3

I'm due on October 12th, a week before DH B-day!


Carrie - February 3

I just found out my little one is due on October 9th. I can hardly wait!!! This will be my first, and though unexpected, the surprise was definitely a good one. Good luck to you all!!!!


Jenn - February 3

Jess - This is my first too. I'm having a few symptoms. I have some b___st tenderness and I feel light headed when I get out of bed in the morning - but no sickness. I was six weeks yesterday, and go to the OB for my first visit on Tuesday. He's supposed to do an ultrasound. Hopefully, I'll see a heartbeat!!!


Jess - February 3

Jenn- Wow you are lucky you get an US so early. I had my 1st Dr visit today and he said next month when I come they will set up my 1st US, probably at about 12 weeks. Good Luck, is it a v____al US? As far as my symptoms, sure beasts, light headed here and there and feeling like I am about to get my period every once and awhile..hopefully that will stay away for the next 8 months!


beth - February 3

Jess, I am due October 3rd.


citrouille - February 3

I'm due around that time.. can't figure it out exactly though; My LMP was Dec 24th.. I've seen two different dates: Sept 30 or Oct 6!


Tania - February 3

I'm due on Oct 2nd. Have nobody to talk to about my baby. If you would like, e mail me at [email protected]


Jess - February 4

citrouille- Your lmp was a day before mine and my due date is the 1st, you are probably like Sept 30...always give or take two weeks. Have you gone to your 1st Dr visit yet?


18 year old han - February 4

hello jess! Im due oct 7th and i would really like sumone to share wot there goin thru wit me? Im 5 weeks gone, i feel tired and not myself, i have lower back pain, and sum belly pain, thx thx thx!


Natasha - February 4

My first doctor's appt. is February 14th. I have very few symptoms slight nausea, backaches, b___st tenderness, and slight cramping. I just wish I wasn't so paranoid about my baby developing and being healthy. Can't wait for my doctor's appt!


citrouille - February 4

Jess-oh thank you so much for clearing that up for me! I haven't seen a doctor yet, but i've got an appointment with my gyn on Feb 16th. I've had two blood tests though. I've been a little nervous (ok a lot) because I had a m/c in November. Is this your first? I'd be very happy to swap notes with you :)



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