Anyone Else Experiencing AF Like Cramps Or Backaches

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dueJan1607 - May 16

Hello, I was just wondering in anyone else out there is experiencing AF type cramps or low backaches...right now I'm at 5 wks. Just wondering if this is normal?


Chris23 - May 17

Hi. in my 5th week I totally thought that I was getting my AF. I had cramps, I was bloated and I had a wicked back ache. It wore off in a couple of days but apparently some women experience it throughout their entire pregnancy. I think the cramping is die to your uterus expanding. No need to worry - the cramping is normal.


tas - May 17

hi i am also 5 weeks due jan 17. i haven't experienced that. but i heard that it is normal.


jue - May 17

Hi, I am due jan 26th 07 and got my BFP yesterday, i am getting mild af type cramps plus m/s. this will be our 1st baby but my 3rd, I have 2 sons aged 13 and 16ys from my first marriage. we have been ttc for 3 yrs after my hubby had a vasectomy reversal. I am 35yrs old.


hayleyc - May 17

Hi, I'm 5 1/2 weeks, had slight cramps before I even realised I was pregnant . Don't have lower back pain, but feel like have a very full bladder all the time (like i'm going to burst. Went to the doctors to rule out water infection, he says its may be due to my bladder expanding and pressing on my bladder? thought it was to early for that...


hayleyc - May 17

i mean uterus expanding not bladder (sorry)


Nell143 - May 17

Hi I am Due JAn 13th and I had the same symptoms.... only thing is i only cramp right before af shows and i cramped for 3 days earlier than af due date..... so i took a test. BFP. I continued to cramp on and off... it fades after a while though some women have cramping through out their pregnancy.


dueJan1607 - May 17

Thanks for all your puts my mind to rest. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Looking forward to confirmation on my pregnancy. My aches were a bit less today but now I hace slight m/s. Anyways, hope we all have a healthy pregnancy!


TAN - May 24

hi im 10 weeks n been havin all them symptoms from word go, i sometimes have such a bad back that i cant get up off sofa!


littlenurse73 - May 30

Hi ladies! I had cramping on and off for about a week before my bfp. This was one of the clues to me that I may be pg. Usually I only cramp two or three days straight before af, so this was unusual and they weren't as bad. Now at 5 weeks I've had a little bit of a backache off and on. Also BB's weren't sore for a week ahead of af like normal.



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