Anyone Else Experiencing Ed This

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Alyssa - November 28

I am 11 weeks and 4 days with my first pregnancy. I'm not showing yet, just bloated. I have been have lots of trouble sleeping at night. Usually I am a pretty hard sleeper but as of a week ago, it's not happening. I have heard of this problem in late PG (when you have a stomach) but not this early. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is this part of the pregnancy or not? Thank you!


KJ - November 28

Hi Alyssa, I'm 11 weeks as well and yes I've had the same problems. Some nights I'm ok others I can't get comfortable and I'm tossing and turning all night. Dr. said this is all normal and nothing to worry about. Are you taking naps during the day? If so how long? I try to nap for no longer than an hour and I noticed if I nap longer than that, I don't sleep that well that night. Best of luck to you. Just think a couple more days and we're in our 2nd tri.


Steph - November 28

Hey Alyssa, I'm now 7.5 weeks along and I am having the same issues as you and KJ. I can be very tired and get into bed and not be able to sleep one bit. Tossing and turning and just not feeling "right". Make any sense to you guys? It happens to me about three or four times per week and has since I found out I was pregnant. This is my second child so I think it's your body getting you used to waking up for your little one!!! IMO!! Or at least that's what I like to tell myself. Pregnancy does weird things to almost every aspect of your life so anything that is kind of out of the ordinary, I blame on being pregnant!


Shell - November 28

I didn't sleep through my whole first pregnancy - I never read about THAT in any of the books... I got more sleep when bubby had arrived.. I figure its nature's way of preparing you.. good luck!


danielle - November 28

Hello-with my first pregnancy I did not really show for quite a while. Infact I just looked at a picture and I was 4 months along and barely looked it! I think I finally had to quit wearing my normal clothes around 5 months! Now that I am pregnant with my second, that is another story! I am so bloated and ga__sy. I feel like I am already showing though I know its just bloatedness. I have problems sleeping because I am up every 2 hours using the bathroom! My kidneys sure are working!


Alyssa - November 29

Thank you girls for all the info! It really helps. I don't really take long naps. I too try to only limit it to an hour and no more or else I will literally sleep for about 3, sometimes 4! It seems though that I am beginning to have more energy in the day and my morning sickness is completely gone! I love it!



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