Anyone Else Feeling This Way

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Allison - October 18

I am in the very beginning of my 8th week, and for the past week I have had some nausea. I am normally a healthy eater, and I am trying to eat lots of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains. The wierd thing the past week (since I've started the nausea).....I have had the hardest time eating healthy. All healthy foods make me want to vomit!!! The only things I crave right now are fast food type places (chick-fil-A, Quiznos, pizza, etc). I can eat those foods w/o feeling sick, but the second I try to eat anything healthy....I get close to vomiting. I am hopeing that this will wear off in the next few weeks as the first trimester comes to a end. Has anyone else felt this way???


miff - October 18

i'm starting my 8th week too and am also craving c___p food. But my nausea is very mild so i've managed to stick mainly to the healthy stuff. I think it's just normal food aversion stuff - junk food just seems more comforting and easier to get down. maybe try to mimic the fast food with versions of it you can make yourself that are sure to be healthier ... good luck, and I hope your sickness wears off.


SL - October 18

I am 8 1/2 weeks and have had severe, constant nausea since about 5 weeks. I didn't eat much of anything until about a week ago and I am the exact same way. Forget anything healthy...McDonald's hamburgers and donuts are favorites right now! I know it's not great but I lost close to 10 pounds during the time I was very sick and I really need to start eating again, regardless of what it is. I am still nauseous all the time but am hoping it gets better in the next few weeks and then I can get back to exercising (which I haven't done since week 5!) and healthy eating. Good luck!


natalie - October 18

I'm about 9 1/2 weeks right now and I'm having the same feelings. Yesterday I had cheese stuffed crazy bread from Little Ceasars (soo good)but I'm feeling quite quilty because I have a fridge full of veggies that I cannot eat. Fruit isn't a problem and neither is bread so I'm hoping that's ok. I should try to get some protein today though. In the mornings I place a bunch of fruit in the blender with yoguart and ice cubes. Try taking your vitamins with the shake - it works for me.


Sue - October 18

I am 8 1/2 weeks and for the past week I have been craving plain McDonald's hamburgers. Normally I would never touch the stuff (fast food is usually reserved for "road trips" only) and my husband is appalled. I had three hamburgers in two days....luckily, I am still okay with fruit and veggies. Mornings are better for me and as the day progresses, my nausea gets worse. Oh well. Just try not to eat the worst stuff on the menu. Do what you gotta do! You will feel better soon (they say!)


Tess - October 18

We're on the same boat! :P Im not sure if I should be worried or not but eating healthy foods makes me feel nauseated. Im trying to atleast drink juices and water as much as I can, (stay away from pop, coffees) From what Ive heard, and also from what Ive read it usually comes off when you start your 2nd trimester. Im 9 wks 4 days and I still have 2 1/1 wks to wait. Good Luck Ladies!


N - October 18

By week 14 you should feel a lot better. I wouldn't worry about not being able to eat healthy. I was the same with pg #1 and now at 8 1/2 weeks with #2. It seems that everything I loved before I was pregnant I can't stand now. With pg #1 I couldn't stand the smell and taste of whole wheat bread, broccoli, lettuce basically anything that's good for you. I survived on white bread, cake and potatoes through my first 14 weeks and even afterward I was still a bit turned off by the healthy stuff. This time it's eggs...yuk! So what I'm trying to say is that eat what you rea__sured by the fact that I have a healthy 13 month old.



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