Anyone Else Freaked Out About Their Cats

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zinger43 - January 20

I know I'm probably overreacting, but I am super- paranoid about my cat and tthe possibility of contracting toxoplasmosis. I did take him to be tested and am waiting for the results. Still the thought of a possible positve result is frightening. I've had him since I was 12 (I'm 26 now) and he is still in considerably good health.


Sonya88 - January 20

Some of the books that I've read said that if your cat had the disease before that you have probably already contracted it and are now immune. I was worried because I have 4 cats but my Doc. knows and she just said to stay away fromthe litter boxes. Heart breaking really litter box duty was the joy of my day. But I recomend that unless you are a high risk pregnancy keep your kitty but definately ask your docs opinion. good luck.


Deb - January 21

Is your cat an indoor cat or outdoor cat? If it is an indoor cat, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because they contract the disease outside. If you have an outdoor cat, as long as you don't change the litter then you should be fine. The disease is in their feces.


zinger43 - January 21

My cat is an indoor cat but he was born on a farm (14 years ago). I'm really worrying, and believe me I am a very clean person...but my cat has had the following issue his whole life: Since I can remember he will not do #2 inside his box. He has a 5' by 4' room entireily to himself that is covered in plastic with a kitty door entrance. I have had to daily pick up poop and spray clorox to clean up after him. My fear is that he may have more exposure on other parts of his body. I know it sounds really gross. I try to deal with the problem as sanitary a way as possible. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he comes back negative.


zinger43 - January 21

If he is positive, can they check me for past exposure and/or immunity??


Lizzylou - January 22

zinger, I was really concerned about this because I have two cats of my own that are indoor only but I also work with cats. I told my doc that I was probably immune since I've worked with animals for over 10 years now. He tested my immunity and I have not ever had it. I told him my cats never went outside... he said that didn't matter because they get it by what they eat. So if my cats happened to get a hold of some meat that I had dropped on the floor by accident and didn't see it, they could get it. He said it is pretty rare but the defects your baby could have are so severe that it is best to have someone else take care of the litter box.


Deb - January 22

You definitely should not be picking up his poop. You contract it through his feces so you need to get someone else to do that job! The likelyhood of your cat having it is slim if he stays indoors all the time. Just be careful when you are preparing meat that you don't drop any on the floor. :o)



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