Anyone Else Have No Morning Sickness

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jen - April 18

Hi I'm 10 weeks pregnant this week and so far have not had any morning sickness. People say I'm one of the lucky ones but somehow I'm worried that my pregnancy is not normal as everyone I know ( or have read on this website) are expercing morning sickness. I had my first ultra sound at 6.5 weeks and heard the baby's heartbeat. My only symtomps are tiredness, br___t sore and frequent peeing.


Kate - April 18

I'm 7wks 1d and I've had no morning sickness at all - I was worried about it to begin with, but we broke the news to my mum yesterday and she told me she never had any morning sickness with either of her pregnancies! I was so relieved and I'm not at all worried about it now - I'm just grateful I'm not spending my days with my head down the toilet! The only symptoms I've had are sore b___sts, mild cramps and back-ache (which I also found out my mum had in both of her pregnancies!). You are just lucky - apparently only about 50% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness!


BB - April 18

I am 10 1/2 weeks now and also never had morning sickness. I have been really tired which has been lessening the last couple of days. I had my u/s at 8.5 weeks -everything looked and sounded great. This is my first also so I was really nervous but like Kate said my mother told me she never had morning sickness with both of her pregnancies. Congratulations to you both on your pregnancy! It is so exciting. My chest has also grown obscenely but my b___st aren't that sore!


Tara - April 18

I am almost 8 weeks. Same here. I do get queezy, but It feels more like the way I do when i didnt eat so I make sure to eat something. I am a little worried myself to be honest. I wont know until the 26th.


Becky - April 18

I'm 7 1/2 weeks and I haven't had any morning sickness. I had it really bad with my daughter, but they say every pregnancy is different. I definitely believe that now! I have just had bad headaches, I'm exhausted, and I have to go to the bathroom all the time. I have my ultrasound next Tuesday and I can't wait to see the little heartbeat.


s - April 18

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have no morning sickness. My only symptoms are b___st tenderness, backache, and being tired. I know what you mean--I am glad I have not been sick but I keep waiting for it to come! Good luck!!


RG - April 18

I was 10w Friday and have had no morning sickness. I've had some nausea when I think about greasy foods and when brushing my teeth if I brush my tongue and get to far back I'll gag and have to get rid of that nauseous feeling. A little tired, b___st a little sore, not all day though...normally around morning or night. I'm just grateful that I haven't had to wake up in the toliet every morning!


Alexis - April 18

I'm 7weeks and I have not had any morning sickness either, with my son I had it for four months straight, with my daughter I threw up once. So I'm thinking I'm having a girl. But yes like you I'm only tired, peeing alot and I only get minor cramps way down low by my c-section scar.


Steph - April 18

Jen, so in the same boat. I am 10 weeks today and I have not had any morning sickness. My breats have been tender all along, but that is starting to fade. I have my 2nd Dr.'s appt. this Thursday and I am so nervous that they are going to tell me that something is wrong. I had my first appt. and ultrasound at 6w1d and got to see the heartbeat and all. But, I am scared that in the last 4 weeks, even though I have had no signs, that there is something wrong... especially when everyone asks me "how do you feel?" And I answer, "fine, no morning sickness." and then I get this look like, WHAT? It terrifies me! I am glad to know that you are experiencing what I am experiencing at 10 weeks. When are you due? I am due 11/14. YEA!


Brooke - April 18

I have been slightly nauseated, but not actually sick!! 7 weeks


Jen - April 18

Hi Steph I have my second Drs appointment this Thursday too. I'm couting the days to see the doctor as I just want to hear the baby's heart beat again. This is my first pregnancy and I'm worried about every little thing. I'm due on 11/17. Both my two oldest sisters and my Mum had morning sickness and its strange that I don't.


MiaBella - April 18

I didn't have any morning sickness with my first pregnancy and it was a boy. I've heard morning sickness is more common with girls. I'm pregnant with my second and I feel really sick a lot. Don't worry be overjoyed that you don't have it. It is horrible.


Angie - April 19

I wouldn't worry at all about no morning sickness. Just be thankful. I didn't have any morning sickness with my son and now I am 8w pregnant with our second and still no morning sickness. I have had very sour b___sts and way too much lower back pain, and I'm tired all the time.


Caitlin - April 19

I will be 11 weeks and I still ahve not had any morning sickness. I was nervous as well but maybe we should just be counting our blessings-I've heard it really is awful!!!


Steph - April 19

Hey Jen, you will have to let me know how your appt. goes on Thursday, I agree... I too am so excited. My oldest sister didn't really have morning sickness either. She thinks it was because it was a boy. My Mom did with all 3 of us, but we are all girls. I don't know though. I have gone to 2 chinese calendars... one says boy, one says girl, so who knows. Are you going to find out the s_x? I am definitely! I am too much of a control freak not to.


Steph - April 19

By the way, this is also my first!!!!


~me~ - April 20

WOW ! I guess you are the lucky bunch of on the other hand both of my pregancies from start to end lasted with severe morning sickness that lasted 24/7 - I had to take medication to get it under control - up until the last day! Seriously you are very lucky! My sister had a flawless pregnancy but her labour was quite on the otherhand, I had a very difficult preg but the labour was relatively easy....



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