Anyone Else High Risk And Due In August

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youngMAMA22 - December 27

My first pregnancy was uneventful and I had a healthy little girl who's now 5. But since then I've had one ectopic, 3 miscarriages the most recent in August was my son I lost at 3 1/2 months along. But after losing him I was diagnosed with Anticardiolipin Antibodies and a Protein S Deficiency, which had been causing clotting in my blood around the placenta. I'm pregnant again, due in August around the 8th. I'm on daily heparin (lovenox) injections, progesterone injections, a baby aspirin daily... and getting weekly to twice weekly ultrasounds. It'd be great to meet others dealing with these scary situations or similar issues.


Been There - December 27

That's my exact due date, 8/8. I miscarried in September, but here I am blessed like you. I'm considered high risk mostly due to my cervix history. I have two healthy daughters, 12 & 7 and everything went fine with them. But that was before I started having more female issues. For now, we're just watching my cervix on a monthly basis. They may need to sew me up, but we won't know until the baby grow and we see how my cervix withstands the pressure. Wow! It's interesting to find someone due on the exact date. We're hoping for a boy this time, but I'll be thrilled no matter what we have. I just want him/her to be healthy. Congratulations to you! It's nice to meet you.


Linda - December 27

I'm due July 29 and am high risk due to maternal antibodies. Am hoping to carry bub till at least 34weeks. I have Anti-K and Anti-c antibodies which both can cause moderate-severe hemoyitc disease of the newborn.


stephanie - December 27

Hello... I am due 8/4 and I am high risk as well. I wasnt supposed to be able to get pregnany without the help of drugs due to hormone levels, but... walla! I did anyway, what a suprise. They have me on progesterone. I also have 5 fibroids in my uterus and I am not sure yet exactly where they are or if they will interfere with the placenta growing or crowd out the baby. The Doc said it will end up like I am carrying twins, because the fibroids will grow when the baby does (due to all the extra nutrients.) Some risk of placenta seperation and pre-term delivery. Hopefully the u/s next tues will show how close they are to the baby and placenta.


youngMAMA22 - December 28

:) Well, it's great to meet others who are high risk as well, of course I wish none of us were high risk at all. I pray we all carry close to term. :)


stephanie - January 3

Just wondering how everyone was doing? I had a sono today and it showed that all of my fibroids are on the oitside of my uterus, so they wont be an issue with the growth of the baby, or the placenta! The only problem I may have is with some scar tissue getting in the way of placenta attachment, but the doc said not to worry about that, the problems, if they occur are slight. How is everyone is doing?


Been There - January 3

I'm doing pretty good. I hope you're all well. Third appt. this week to follow up again. Looking forward to it, so I can see what's happening. Looking forward to next ultrasound in 3-4 weeks. Happy New Year!



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