Anyone Else Not As Far Along As They Thought

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Robyn212006 - January 16

I had an u/s today and I thought for sure it was going to be right along with the dates. According to my lmp (Oct.25) I should be 13 weeks but my u/s said I was 10weeks 4days. I guess Im still in the first trimester for a couple more weeks.


Please_be_A _girl - January 30

Robyn: How are you doing? I just had my U/S on monday and i was supposed to be 8 weeks and its more like 4 weeks -- this happened with my soon when i was 9 i was actually 5 weeks so i am trying not to get worried but after reading all of these womens stories i am kinda scared -- any update on your baby??


margie - January 30

Please_be_A _girl, do you have irregular periods or long time between periods?


Robyn212006 - January 31

I seen the doctor about a week after my u/s and he said everything was fine. In my u/s i could see the baby moving. I could of messed up on my dates but I doubt it. As long as everything is fine according to the doctors I wouldnt worry. Good Luck


Please_be_A _girl - January 31

Margie: With my first son I had the depo shot for 6 months and had no period for almost a month got 2 periods about 31 days apart and then got pregnant with this baby i Had a 5 year IUD removed the middle of october and got one period Dec 1st and now Im pregnant. I am waiting to hear from my beta test. WIth my first son I had to take 3 test over a couple week period after missing my period to get a positive and the same for this one. I hoping I am just a freak of nature and nothing is wrong


margie - February 1

it's very possible that you may be ovulating later in your cycle, that would certainly cause you to be earlier than you sure thats all that it is since both times your body is still getting used to a regular ovulation schedule after being on birth control, you had a month and a half between periods with your last one and longer periods usually indicate a later ovulation sure thats all it is and that it is fine. i really understand though because my first ultrasound was showing 2 weeks earlier and i knew that wasn't quite right, it was scary...i had another ultrasound on monday and this time was only 1 week behind so it seemed like the baby "caught up" with growing or something. with you the dates being off really sounds like it makes sense to me...please keep me informed! when is your next appointment?


Please_be_A _girl - February 1

Margie: thanks so much for your support!! (how far along are you?) I went and had another beta test yesterday and they just called me my numbers are Doubling so they said everything should be fine -- it was sucha relief. I go for a second ultrasound on the 12th so hopefully i can put all of my worries behind me then. I started crying as soon as i got off the phone with the nurse today -- such a relief.


margie - February 1

i am so happy to hear that!!! :D If your numbers are doubling then thats perfect! I a__sure you that when you go for the next ultrasound and can see the heartbeat flickering it will be an amazing feeling...i started crying from relief as well since ive had little things here and there that had made me worried since the beginning...i am 8w5d today. my due date should be sept 8th but with my ultrasound showing a week difference my due date could be changed to sept 15. this whole first trimester thing is a worrysome time but i know that we'll get through it! hey if you ever need someone to talk to or rea__surance you can email me...arizonababyboo at yahoo dot com...good luck! try to hang in there til the 12th..thats my next dr appt too and im excited to hear the hb again, my sister said he'll use one of those doppler things (no ultrasound though this time...)


missliss - February 1

I am so glad to come across your question. I just had the same experience. My lmp was Dec 10th which put me at 71/2 weeks. I went to the Dr yesterday and after the ultrasound I they told me I was only about 6 based on the size. Its so nerve racking so I feel better knowing its happened too others too. Did they tell you why?


Please_be_A _girl - February 5

Margie: I will be emailing you for sure! my email is (wesleykylee) at (charter) dot (net). Let me know how you turn out on monday! I cant wait to hear that little heart beat !!! Hope you had a great weekend.


Please_be_A _girl - February 5

Missliss: I wouldnt worry if it is only a week behind you most likely just ovulate a a few days later then most women. As long as your hormone levels are doubbling you are fine-- good luck -- when is your next appt??


TheCutestPregnantWoman - February 5

Ohmigosh! I love love love this forum! So many of my questions have been answered. I'm still worried because I'm in my 1st trimester but I feel a bit better knowing that other women are going through the same thing. Sooo. . . This is my story. . . Tell me what you ladies think. Ok so my last period started on December 4th. I also took out my Nuva-Ring (Birth control) that same day. So technically the birth control was still protecting me until the 11th. I never got back on bc after that, so when I missed my period in Jan. I took a home pregnancy test. POSITIVE! Yyaaa. When I had my first prenatal vist on Feb2, and had a pap my doctor felt my uterus and said I'm around 6 weeks. Well I had an ultrasound this morning Feb5 and a different doctor said I'm around 4weeks!!! She couldn't even see the baby because he/she is so small. My husband says all he saw was an sac about the size of a silver dollar. NO BABY! Where is my baby? I know that stress is the worse thing. But I wish I would have seen my baby because now I'm wondering if he/she isn't even there. I recently read something about that happening to women. My mother told me not to worry because my baby is about the size of a grain of rice. PLEASE REASSURE ME SO HOW SOME WAY!



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