Anyone Else Not Have Symptoms Until 6wks

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colleen - May 10

I have a few questions. I am awaiting the results of my bloodtest. I keep getting conflicting hpt results, all with fmu. Every 3rd on comes up positive, but a definite +. I would be about 6-6 1/2 weeks from my lmp. I started out with af like cramps which have yet to go away, feeling very tired and hungry, but now just these past few days my nipples are so sore I can't even stand to touch them, serious heartburn every time I eat and nausea too. I guess these are signs. Anyone else have their signs not kick in until now?


Lynn - May 10

Yes, i had my first Dr appt at 6 weeks exactly and was telling the midwife how I didn't feel pregnant at all. She told me not to worry... the hormone levels usually peak around 8-10 weeks and some women don't feel pregnant until then. Apparently I spoke to soon because 2 days later is when the morning sickness started. Good luck! Go to the doc & get a blood test. I had the period like cramps right up until about 10 weeks... felt like I would start any minute.


jena - May 10

yes, my sickest time was between 6.5 and 8.5 weeks - don't worry, it's coming! :)


vanessa - May 10

Hi Colleen. I would say that you are probably pregnant. A line is a line... that's what my doctor told me. The blood test will tell you without a doubt. Let us know what you find out, ok? And yes... it is normal not to "feel" pregnant right away. I am 6 and a half weeks and have just started feeling major nausea and fatigue. Boobs have hurt since day one though.... lucky me. Good luck!


colleen - May 10

well my bloodtest said less than 2. I don't understand what's going on with my body and causing these conflicting results. Does anyone know what causes people to not show up + on a bloodtest event though they're pregnant? If it weren't for the cramps, lack of af, exhaustion, and increased body temp 99.2-99.6 every day I would just let it go. My cbc said normal so I don't have any kind of virus or infection.



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