Anyone Else Not Having Any Symptoms

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cnasmom - December 3

hi i am 5 wks 3 days and i have not had hardly any symptoms. I have 2 kids at home and i lost a baby at 9 wks 5 days in june. My bbs don't hurt, i don't have to pee much more than i usually do, i only get queasy every once in a while. i basically feel fine. Is this normal, should I be worried? The only strange thing i have experienced is HORRENDOUS gas pains at 2:30 am one morning. i know it wasn't baby cuz it was my upper abdomen and it was AWFUL, i was in tears, lasted about an hour and finally went away. Is it normal to get gas that bad? and not to have any symptoms?


Faye84 - December 4

Gas is very normal, i remember I would have stomach aches for hours from the gas pain with my first child. I dont have too many pregnancy symptoms, I do get a stomach ache after I eat. and my b___sts are a little tender, and i am hormonal, but not any big morning sickness. and Im between 8-10 weeks.


ttc_#1 - December 4

I have no symptoms too...i am 5 wks 5 days... i am kinda worried too... i just hope we are fine and we should just enjoy this moment as the symptoms might kick in after 6 wks...good luck..


HeatherIsHopeful - December 4

Its normal not to get symptoms yet :) heck I didnt even know I was pregnant until 8 weeks and that was only because I had a test done after missing a period, I had no idea because I still felt normal. here I am at 12 and a half weeks and had a great ultrasound a week ago and everything was fine. don;t worry about symptoms guys some women NEVER get any some get a few some get all of them at full force.. enjoy the time you have while you have it :) also its normal for your symptoms to come and go so don;t freak out if your b___bs hurt and you are trowing up one day then you are totally fine the next.. completely normal :)


GM - December 5

This is all good to hear because I was wondering about the same thing. I'm about 5 weeks now and was feeling sightly tired a few days ago, my bbs were a bit tender but now I don't really feel anthing! Although I am hungry ALL the time! I hope all is well for us all...good luck!



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