Anyone Else STARVING

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MrsShelton217 - March 9

I am almost 6 weeks preggo w/ twins, and I can't seem to get full. I am STARVING. LoL I am trying not to eat junk food, and just when I am bored, but it's so hard. I have never had cravings this early like this. I have been on this Pop-Tart kick the past few days... it's crazy!


SarahMarie99 - March 9

I find myself eating less actually... My tummy is so upset that I take a few bites and I have to stop eating from fear of punking.


MrsShelton217 - March 9

My morning sickness is confused. I don't get sick until I lay down at night. I wake up very hungry... (probably from puking at bedtime) and i feel like I am just eating all day... I have been trying to eat not so bad for you junk food since that is what satisfies me... un salted, un b___tered popcorn, roasted peanuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, raw veggies, etc... but even if u eat healthy stuff... if u eat 24/7.... ur bound to eventually look like a cow! lol or at least this is how I feel right now... i dunno, I am SOOOOO bloated that it's not funny. I was 125 pre preggo. i weigh 129 now, and cant even begin to b___ton my jeans. (did i meantion im having twins.... :) :) YAAAAY!)


ginger6363 - March 9

haha! totally normal. I am always starving and I am having only one! I've gained 12 lbs in 13 wks. I don't eat bad either, but you are right when you eat 24/7, the weight piles on!


Mrs.Neves - March 9

Congrats on the TWINS! My husband really wants twins! I am about 5 weeks now! I found out that I was pregnant before my last missed period.. I still am not late not until tomorrow but four tests all have two lines!! is that normal?


ahay - March 9



jessieb - March 9

i want kraft mac & cheese for lunch everyday. LOL!! in fact, this week before i knew i was pregnant i had it for lunch, i should have known!!! my last pregnancy i ate the mac & cheese A LOT. i have no idea why!! i was raised on the stuff as a kid, maybe that is it? i am starving too. we have not been grocery shopping so all we have is c___p! gotta get to store and get bananas, fruit, granola bars, good snack stuff.


lissica - March 9

Yes i am. I'm 10wks and have gained 8lbs but i can't help myself! I try to eat healthy things as well but it's hard sometimes cus healthy is not what i'm craving lol. I've been craving such things like perogies,bread,pasta,pastries,etc. So i'm buying all whole wheat stuff so i don't turn into a house!


MrsShelton217 - March 12

It's so funny, b/c I don't want just typical "pregnant" food. I hate pickles, I don't eat icecream... I am craving starches! I want creamed corn, mac and cheese, potatoes, b___ter beans, etc. I HATE eating meat. I have never really eaten much red meat... but I loved chicken... now I cant stand the thought of chicken.... Right now I want a peanut b___ter sandwich. :) :) They say that when you crave stuff it sometimes indicates what your body is needing. The past few days I have been wanting Peanut B___ter.... I am wondering if that means I am lacking in the protein department.... since I havent been eating meat....


Mega - March 12

I'm 12.5 weeks with just 1 & starving all the time too. That's funny about the starch cravings, me too. Esp. baked potatoes. But I'm also craving meat, & chef boyardee raviloli, which I'm not sure why either. LOL! I've gained about 5 ibs now, so I can't imagine what the end total will be. But like the rest of you, I'm trying mainly to behave, veggies, fruits, rice cakes w/ natural PB, etc. MrsShelton, congrats on the twins. How exciting! You're eating for 3 now, so keep on eating when you need to!


Andi13 - March 12

I crave Taco Bell too Ahay! Nothing like a grilled steak taquito!!!



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