Anyone Emotional

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angelinakai - January 24

I am not a person who cries often or easily, but the last few days, I have been crying sooo much! I cried the other morning bc I didnt want to go to work and last night I was bawling for NO reason. Lol. I think it's kinda funny. DH just kinda laughs bc it is so not like me and then I start laughing hysterically and can't stop laughing. I am 5.5 weeks I think, not really sure exactly, but is anyone else doing anything like this or am I really going nuts???


mrs.raymond - January 24

hey i am doing the same thing..i really think i am going a little loopy ; ) i will be doing something as simple as the dishes or walking my dog and just start crying, i am also in my 5th week and i thought it was a little early to be this emotional but i am glad there is two of us....i am pretty sure my husband will be glad to know i am not going crazy ; )


lovestruckjsw - January 24

Just wait, lol it gets even worse! I am 10 and 1/2 weeks and the other day I cried because my truck was dirty!! DH handled it great and just held me and then washed my truck the next day. I sobbed today too but can't remember why!


Whisper - January 24

Hehe, totally weepy here. Heck, I was watching family feud the other day, and the family that won was kinda.. idiotic, and then when they did the thing at the end they got the 200 pts so they won the big prize and I was like "Aww! How neat is that!" and started crying like crazy, then I'm like... wait.. I was just thinking how dumb these ppl are, why am I so happy for them and crying??? lol My DH is not letting me live that one down lol


angelinakai - January 24

Omg... LoL. That is all so funny! I am also glad to know that I'm not the only one. Crying at family feud... that is so funny, I guess our husbands must be pretty entertained. We should start a thread of what is the craziest thing you've cried about while being pregnant.. that would be funny.



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