Anyone Ever Use Progesterone Suppositories

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littlenurse73 - June 13

I'm worried that not enough stays up inside to do any good. Any success stories? I'm not really worried about the nighttime dose because I stay lying down all night. However, in the morning I can't stay lying down long because I have to get up for work. I'm just afraid that in the morning everything is just coming right back out. So anyhow....I'm worried that they won't do enough good to adequately raise my progesterone levels. I don't have another doctor's appt until the first week of July. Any thoughts?


CrystalH - June 13

I just finished them. I used 100 mg twice per day - 1 in the morning and 1 at night just like you. I started on them during my 8th week. I actually had a plastic inserter that came with an over the counter yeast infection medication... it's the thing you use to insert the medication up into your v____a. I used that to get the suppositories in as far as I could. However, as soon as they get inside of you they will start to melt. I always had to wear a panty liner or the excess would run all down my legs. Glamorous I know! My progesterone was only 8.4 when I started and my levels went through the roof with the suppositories! I’m now 14 wks, 2 days. I had a m/c before this pregnancy during my 12th week and we don't know if it was caused by the low progesterone but it may have been. My doctor and the pharmacist both told me the best way to take progesterone during pregnancy is via suppositories because they get the medication right next to your uterus, which is where you need it. So, they really worked for me. Good luck to you!!!


yetanothertripletmom - June 15

I used them with my triplet pregnancy. I stayed on them for 16 weeks because I was so afraid of going off them. I think you're okay if some of it leaks. If you're nervous you might want to set your alarm for an hour or two earlier, put in the suppository and go back to sleep. Good luck!


NURSEJ - June 20

well i take progesterone gel called prochieve 8% and i only take it once a day 90mg in the morning b/c i work at night. if ur having problems with leakage wear a pantyliner. so far i am 9 weeks and 3 days along and everything seems okay so far. when i went for my u/s at 6weeks i saw a heartbeat. my dr.s appt is this friday 6-23-06 hopefully i can hear a heartbeat this time ill be 10 weeks then..



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