Anyone Expecting Around Feb 20 2007

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tiphanai - June 13

Hello, i just found out yesterday that i'm pregnant and i would love to have some buddies who are preggers as well. I'm not trying to tell any friends and family because it's so early and i want to cross the 2 or 3 month mark first. But at the same time i'm still really excited and i need someone to share all these changes with! If you need a baby buddy too, write back. :-)


Tama - June 13

Hi tiphanai, i'm about 4 weeks pg this week and will be due around the 18th of Feb '07. KimS is also going to have a Feb-baby. Congrats to you! gotta go now ....(@).... feb-babies! bump


tiphanai - June 13

Congrats Tama and KimS! Do you have a particular thread that you post on, or do you bounce around?


dedaa - June 13

Hello Im due Feb 19th went to the doctor yesterday.


jldaniels - June 13

Hey Tiphanai, I just got a BFP this morning on CD14 so I'm not sure when I'm due but I'm sure it will be around that time. I'm in the same boat with you, I'm not telling anybody until I've at least been to the doctor and I see a or hear a heartbeat. DEDAA, its good to see you again. You posted in the TTC forum. I remember when you got your BFP. I guess I can go online and get a due date by my last period and then I'll have something to post on here as far as due date. Jamie


Danielle26 - June 13

Hello ladies, I got my BFP on Saturday, I have yet to see my Dr., but from what the due date calculators say, I'm due on Feb. 20th too! Congrats to you all! I'm glad to have some baby waiting buddies instead of 2ww buddies :) How long were you all ttc? This is #2 for me, and I wasn't trying with my DS, and lucky for me I only had to try one cycle with this almost makes me feel bad, cuz I know there's a lot of women on these boards who have been ttc for a long time....


jldaniels - June 13

Welcome Danielle, Oh I went online to a site where it calculated my due date and it said Feb. 21. Mine and DH anniversary is on Feb. 16th so that will be a nice anniversary gift. Jamie


Cocozen - June 13

I'm due on January 13th !! Grats on you guys' pregnancy...I'm only 19. I'm scared though very scared. If anyone wants to talk to me through email be my guest!! [email protected] I would love to have someone else to talk to about the things that are happening to me so pleaaase feel free to write me!!


dedaa - June 13

Helle again jldaniels yeah we were on the same thread ther i go back and look alot there are alot of us that got our BFP there. Congrats to all the ladies here that got BFP. It will be nice to have some others to talk to well going through our pregnancys.


dedaa - June 13

Cocozen it is realy scary when you are a young my first baby I had when I was only 17 it was the hardest thing i have ever done but he made me become such a better person and want to make more of myself. It is terrifying at first it took almost a month with him for me to be ok with everything. Then my last one I got pregnant when I was 21 so that ws pretty scary too I couldn`t imagine being so young with 2 but now I am pregnant with my third I am 23 soemtimes when I think about my age I feel as if I should be older to have this many kids but one thing for sure with each pregnancy it makes me thrive to better myself for those boys. I want to give them the world and now with this third one I can only be excite about what kind of person I will be when this pregnacy is finished and what I am willing to do for all three of my angels. I know it is scary you can talk with me about it whenever you like I will be here. My e-mail is [email protected]


dedaa - June 13

I don`t think I worded that right it is scary for anyone sometimes but I do understand what you mean. I think that might be a little better. I am not very good with all my wording I did all my schooling in french so don`t mind me anyone.


Bluespace86 - June 13

Cocozen, I'd love to stay in contact with you ^_^ I turned 20 back in April and I feel it would be a good idea to stay in contact with someone close to my age. I should be due in either late December or early email addy is [email protected], we could wait together! But I wanna wait till I have my first doc appointment (on Friday the 16th)...I'm very scared about it XD


KimS - June 13

Hey Tiphanai I haven't been to the doctor yet but according to the on-line calculators my due date should be Feb 13.. my wedding anniversary is Feb 18 and my birthday is Feb 10 so this baby should be a great gift!!! I was looking for some more waiting buddies so this should be fun!!!


RMC - June 13

I'm new to the postings but I tested today, haven't been to the doctor yet, and according to my last af, I'm due Feb. 18. So hopefully I can be your waiting buddy too!


Danielle26 - June 13 seems not many of us have been to the dr. yet :) My dr. told me I have to wait until I'm 2 weeks late because the test they give won't detect the HCG until then. Weird when you think about it. The worst tests on the market detect 100 miu of HCG, and I've tested positive on those. You'd think the dr.'s test would be at least as good as the worst tests on the market :p


RMC - June 13

How do they expect you to sit around and wait for 2 weeks? (: How can an hpt detect less hcg than a doctor's test?


tiphanai - June 14

Congrats jldaniels & Danielle26!! like everyone is saying we really were in a lucky TTC thread. I think there were at least 10 BFP's. I'm having such a hard time keeping this news to myself and it's only been 2 days. Haha, as it becomes more real i guess i just feel like everything will be ok. But i'm still going to try to keep quiet for the next few months.



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