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Albertian - March 30

Hi Everyone. You all seem to be seeing a doctor and u/s very early. I live in alberta and don't see my doctor for the first visit until 12wks unless problems arise. Is anyone in the same position?


lilmum - March 30

yes, i'm also from alberta. my first appoint isn't until 10 weeks. I was told this is normal, and i didn't see my doc until around the same time with my first. I don't know what it's like in the states, but i know that here we don't even have our first ultrasound until atleast 18weeks (as long as there's no complications and you don't have a history of losses). As long as there is nothing wrong, you won't even get a second ultrasound (Alberta health care only covers one ultrasound if your baby is healthy, and most places will not let you schedule and pay for one on your own) It kind of sucks, especially if you want to know the s_x and it can't be determined at your first u/s.


C - March 30

I am from Saskatchewan and 8 weeks pregnant. We only get one u/s here too unless there are complications. I don't see the Dr for a few more weeks yet!!?? Just found out about a week ago that I was expecting.


lilmum - March 30

congrats C. some docs won't schedule you until 12 weeks because they can check the size of your uterus (when it's actually big enough to find) and listen for a heartbeat. Good luck, and i wish you (and everyone here!), a happy healthy baby.


jessica - March 30

hey - bc here...yeah i didn't see my ob til 10 weeks, and the first u/s are usually at 16 weeks (i am considered high risk and still have to wait til week 12) - good ole canada medicare i guess - no frills


amanda.d - March 30

I am 9 almost ten weeks and i live in Sask.I already saw my doc only to confirm pregnancy.My next visit is on april 18th. I will be 12.5 weeks then.I am going to have a complete physical and my doc said he'd book an u/s then.I had three with each pg.


C - March 31

Thanks lilmum - so when are you due? amanda d - I am shocked that you get 3 u/s that because your pregnancies are considered high risk? The most I have had is 2 in one pregnancy and that was to confirm due dates and size of baby. This is going to be my fourth child and last one so I want to enjoy every moment and would love to have more than 1 u/s!!


lilmum - March 31

i'm due Nov. 23rd. When is everyone here due?


Julia - March 31

Hi I'm from Sask and due Nov 25 I think. I saw my GP not sure when I get to see the OB yet. With my previous pg I had 2 ultrasounds, one at 18 weeks and one at 41 weeks.


rb - March 31

hi all - bc as well here... i'm in the same position kind of... surprised that the first u/s isn't till about 16 weeks when everyone else on here (from US) gets theirs so early... like jessica said, no frills... it really sux tho, because it would put my mind at ease - oh well... canadian girls still rock!!!!


albertian - March 31

thank you everyone for your response. It makes me feel alot more comfortable knowing when everyone else had their appt. I am due Nov 8 and this is my third pregnancy no kids though. I lost my first one at 23 and then I lost one at 6.5 wks in nov 04. My doc doesn't seemed worried at all but I count the days now. Congrats to you all!!


C - March 31

I am due Nov 11th and so far feeling pretty good except being tired all the time!! Congrats to you all too!


amanda.d - April 1

Hey guys, i usually get an u/s at 12-13 weeks, one at about 27 weeks, and one at 38 or so weeks(just to make sure baby is in position).


Sam - April 1

Yup, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I can see a family doctor to confirm pregnancy but have to wait to see ob/gyn until 12 weeks. This is my third child coming so I am sort of used to it.


Reegsmommy - April 1

I am St. Albert, Albert. I saw my GP to confirm pregnancy. I see my GP again at 12 weeks and every appt until I am 34 weeks. Then I see my OB every week until delivery. U/S at 21 weeks.


J - April 27

I live in Edmonton. I called my ob/gyn at around 6 weeks for an appointment to confirm my pregnancy, I didn't have to go in they just faxed the forms over to the lab I wanted to go to and then I spoke with my doctor on the phone. She confirmed my pregnancy at this time. Initially when I called, the nurse said that they do not even want to see you until you hit 8 weeks. Since then I had an ultrasound shortly after my first appointment to confirm how far along I was (there was some discrepancy) and I am scheduled at 18 weeks as well for another one. I am over 35 and have also had an amnio so maybe this is why the issue of one ultrasound (although I have never heard of this) has never come up. I love my ob/gyn, she's awesome!


Nica - May 6

I live in BC, and I had an ultrasound straightaway, at 5 weeks, as I'm diabetic and have a uterus abnormality. It seems if there is something wrong with you, like the above, they do far more ultrasounds.



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