Anyone Get Pregnant Using Pre Seed

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sal - September 20

I was just wondering if this product was worth the money??


bunny - September 21

Yes. I suspected my cm was not very fluid or enough and i needed to use a lubricant. It has worked for me after a month of using it. The month prior i had used KY jelly, and did not conceive and then i read on this site that KY jelly is not sperm friendly and how other women were swearing by it, so I ordered it online and used it during my next ovulation in the following month and I did conceieve the same in my 12th week now and due april 10. what do u have to lose?? Give it a try. Baby dust to you******!


Sal - September 22

Yes - I was skeptical too (too many on-line scams) but also read that KY was not sperm-friendly. I ordered the trial pack of 3 ($8.99) and had s_x 2 times (1xday) after my ovulation predictor was positive and now I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant! I was not trying for long (only 3 months) and whether it was the pre-seed or not, I don't care - something worked! Pre-seed keeps the sperm healthy and mobile inside you for days after s_x - it is much more than just a "lubricant" - think of it that way. Best if luck to you!!!


J - September 22

We used it for the first time last month, I'm now 7 weeks pregnant. ttc for 6 months.


Lynzi - January 30

Yes it really works my husband and have been trying for 6mo. and then we tried Preeseed one time and know I'm 14 weeks pregnant. If you are having trouble getting pregnant this really works


Dicegirl15 - January 30

My husband and I were trying to 3 months. I heard about pre seed and decided to give it a try. It sounded great and all of the testimonials were amazing! The first month that we tried and I got pregnant. I am currently aprox. 5 weeks. I found that with pre seed, I didn't need to use as much as the label was saying. I actually only used 1 instead of 3 or more. It is an amazing product and I would recommend it to any TTC couple!!!!!



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