Anyone Got Their BFP In October

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Ebony - October 17

Hi Ladies, I got my BFP (4 off!!) last week, my last period was 16th september so that makes me 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant!! My first baby is due around 20th June!! Anyone else at a similar stage, it would be nice to compare notes??


to ebony - October 17

congrats ....healthy pregnancy to u. can u please tell me whether u had any symptoms before ur AF was due.i am 12 dpo & i have sore b___bs& little bit cramping.


Dia - October 17

Hi Ebony! I got my BFP last Monday (October 10) and I am almost 6 weeks along. I am due June 13th :) I have a TON of symptoms. I feel really sick to my stomach and dizzy everyday. I also get really tired about mid-day, and my dreams are crazy! My last cycle was September 6th, so we are very close together! We will have to keep in touch! How are you feeling??


Lizzabith - October 17

hello---I am due June 19th with magical number 4!!!! This was a total but welcomed surprise!!!! I have been tired really, really tired and hungry!!!! I feel like a bottomless pit! Sore b___bs and a bloated tummy add to the list but needless to say all of the symptoms are welcomed!!!!


Ebony - October 18

Hey! Thanks to all you ladies for replying!! Dia i'd love to keep in touch with you through the next 8/9 months!! Maybe we could swap email addresses i seem to get lost on this site!! Im feeling ok at the mo, tired, sometimes i have a constant mild headache, yesterday i had severe lower backache, but no sickness yet!! although im starting week six in 3 days so expecting it to kick in!! when did everyones morning sickness kick in? To the lady asking about my symptons before AF, i had bleeding at 6dpo (implantation) and i was also charting my temps and my chart went triphasic (a third rise after implantation) so that sort of confirmed it for me and i got my BFP 2 days before AF was due. So lovely to have new friends!


patty - October 18

congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!---EBONY-what wasyour implantation bleeding like? did you need a pad-how many days and what color? i am 6 months ttc---with no luck---how long have you been ttc ? i think i will go see my dr. soon to see what is going on---i am 30 yrs old. good luck !


LisaD - October 18

hi everyone. I got my bfp on the 14th. I am due June 13th. hugs and blessings to everyone.


Ebony - October 18

To LisaD, have you dated the due date from your last period? i got my BFP on 12th and due June 22nd?? PATTY- My implantation bleeding was tiny! i only noticed it on my finger after checking cervix (sorry TMI) it was very bright and that was the only bit i had, it didnt even last minutes let alone days and it wasn't enough to seap onto my underwear, i probably wouldn't have noticed had i not checked my cervix, my advice to anyone ttc is to chart your temp, that was SO useful to me it showed me when i ovulated which turned out to be 1 day later than i thought and that makes all the difference, has useful info about charting. Anyone else know any good mum to be websites?


Ebony - October 18

My friend ( student doctor) just told me this is a sure way of working out due dates!! i know most of us already know it but it can be confusing when some months have 30 days others have 31 etc etc. start of LMP + 7 days, - 3 months. LMP is last menstrual period, when subtracting the 3 months it literally is 3 straight months regardless of number of days etc.


Nora - October 18

Ebony, my last was on September 17th so i am 4 weeks 3 days today! That puts me 1 day behind you! But, I looked up my due date in a book and it shows 6/24 and my doctor also gave me that same date. Anyway, congrats and keep in touch!


Ebony - October 18

Hi Nora, my date is 22nd June, but thats just an estimate i haven't seen midwife yet, when i rang my docs he said he didn't need to see me and booked me in with midwife on 24th when i will be late 6th early 7th week, not sure what to expect from midwife? what was your first appt like? are you feeling anxious/scared like me, i keep reading all these horror stories i must stop!


d - October 18

Ebony, that was my last period also. I still have not gotten the dark bfp but a very light one. (i am still questioning that) I don't mean to intrude ladies in your group. but any help would be great. my cycle is 28 days now i am 2 days late. mild cramping, I can see veins all over my bb's. I am 28 days to the day and to the hour. bb's actually started to get sore on sunday (16) which they usually hurt a week before af. This month they didn't hurt until now., Any suggestions. If i ovulated at the right time this month it was on the 2nd. i have had like a pulling, pinching aching feeling, but it comes and goes. any thoughts?


d - October 18

oh duh, mine was on the 18th of sept. It was due on the 16th of oct. sorry about that.


Nora - October 18

Ebony, I have my first dr. visit on Nov. 7th. Yes, i am very excited! i'm anxious for an ultrasound and to hear the heartbeat hopefully! I am trying not to read to much about miscarriages, etc. I think now is the time to think positive! It is all so new, so it is a little nerve-racking, but mostly really exciting!!


Nora - October 18

d- I hear that any line is a positive! I'd call the doc for a blood test. I don't have the veins, but i have the other symptoms. So I guess you are one day behind me, if so! Oh, and another thing...i never did get a very dark BFP, so i think it looks VERY good for you! Congrats!


d - October 18

Thanks Nora, I am hoping very much it means what we think. I keep feeling like i am going to get af. but nothing everytime I run to the bathroom. Congrats to you. and much happiness.


Ebony - October 19

D= A line is a line feint or not, i got very feint ones even on the day my AF was due, they get darker over time, and your 2 days late so i'd say its very very possibile, soem women don't get BFP till late late late on due to implantation taking longer etc etc, hang in there and just be hopeful, you've got good reason to with af being late!! Good Luck



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