Anyone Had A Period And Still Pregnant

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Julie - April 29

First of all I want to congragulate everyone on the great news, I am very excited for you!! I can't get much help on the other forum so I am hoping that someone who is actually pg can help me...I am on the patch, but last month I had soo many symptoms to say that I was pg. The week you are off and get your period, I did get it but I still had major symptoms (which I wouldn't think I would have as a side effect if I was off the patch that week.) But I did have a normal period, but I am still having major symptoms. How did you guys know that you were pg, even after you had a normal period?? I just went for a blood test today and am very nervous and just looking for some support/advice from anyone!!


Julie - April 29

Has anyone in here had this happen?? If so could you please tell me about it!?


To Julie - April 30

Birth control can cause alot of body changes. Some women do have a period while pregnant. You may want to get a blood test and go to the doctor. Good Luck!!!


Ree - May 1

I was still takin the pill and didnt know that I was pregnant. I was constantly spotting, but not having a heavy period. Eventually I went to the doctors, found out I was pregnant and went for a emergency scan. I was 11 and half weeks gone. My daughter is now 5 years old and perfect. So try not to worry.


Dani - May 1

Hi Julie. Well, everyone has told me that it may be normal to have spotting around the time that your period would have been due, but I've never heard of it being as heavy as a normal period. I was on the patch also, and I had a lot of pregnancy-like symptoms also. But it was just the bc. I'd check with your doctor if you still feel like you might be pg. Good luck!


totiie - June 8

i don't know cuz i'm in the same boat like you cuz i had s_x with my period on in now it is gone off in i'm sick in i'm on the path too.


bc - June 8

B/C gives you the same signs of pregnancy. I was on the pill for years. While I was on the pill, I got sore b___sts, headaches, nausea, and more veins. Sorry, I don't think you're pregnant. Good Luck!!!


sue - June 8

I had a pretty heavy period when I was first pregnant, however, not a good sign for me, because I ended up miscarrying that baby.



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