Anyone Had Bleeding Twice Or More In First Trimester

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Emotional first mum - June 16

hi all, im 9wks pregnant and it has been an emotional ride for me...i had red bleeding at 6 wks(right aft my u/s the day before) and 'brown bleeding at 9wks. The dr said there was a new blood clot and i was ordered a wk's bedrest.He said it cld b implantation bleeding, due to placenta formation hitting a blood vessel... i have been spotting brown for 2days now when i wipe... anyone had similar experience to share???


Jon - June 16

My wife has had bleeding on three seperate occa__sions, at 5 weeks 7 weeks, 9 weeks. She has had a v____al u/s at 7 weeks and everything was great with a strong heartbeat! She is now 12 weeks and everything is fine. Spotting and slight blood loss is COMMON, normally at the time of your first few missed periods but sometimes in between. Believe me I have experience in this topic and as far as I'm concerned spotting is a symptom of pregnancy.


Roseann - June 16

I started having a pink tinge around 7 weeks... nothing big, just noticeable when I'd wipe. At 8 weeks I started bleeding very heavily. I was sure I had miscarried. It was a VERY scary experience for me. But a trip to the ER and a look via ultrasound proved all was normal. For about a week later I had a brownish discharge, which my doctor referred to as "old blood" and not to worry. I was later told my bleed was caused by a subcronic hemorrhage and that it's very, very common and perfectly fine. Hopefully you have nothing to worry about either :)


Justine - June 16

Yes - I had bleeding 10 times between week 6 and week 14 and am now 19 weeks and feeling the baby move all the time. I also had a blood clot in the uterus which caused much of the bleeding, it was found at 8 weeks, grew at 9 weeks then at 13 weeks had halved in size. There's a thread in the Pregnancy Complications section full of women who have blood clots in the uterus called Subchrionic Hematoma - (though not all blood clots in the uterus are subchrionic - mine wasn't). Most people with bleeding are fine.


Emotional first mum - June 16

thanks guys for replying... indeed tat was a whew... the u/s showed baby to b strong and i even saw it move :) just worried tat it will affect my baby..the first clot had halved in size and the second one isn't as extensive as the first, so at least tats sometin to b positive bout now...



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