Anyone Had Severe Cramping At 5 Weeks

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Kelly - February 18

I am nearly 5 weeks along, and I have had mild cramping on and off which I understand to be normal, but last night I woke up to cramps so bad that my husband was dressed and ready to take me to the ER. It only lasted about 8 minutes, and then went away. Anyone else had this?? I am so worried, but my doctor said if I'm not bleeding, it can wait until my appointment which is over a week away. This is my first baby - naturally I'm freaked out!! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you


Steph - February 18

Kelly I had cramps at five weeks and back pain. Unless you have bleeding as well you I think you are fine. Ive read alot of posts from women having the same thing and its just ligaments and your uterus stretching, so try not to worry. Im now 7 weeks and due for a scan next week.


Kelly - February 18

Thanks Steph for the encouragement - I don't think I'd be that worried except for last night, the cramping just had me in tears. I just kept thinking - surely this can't be normal. But...every minute that pa__ses with no bleeding, I am very thankful. Guess I'll just keep saying my prayers and what's meant to happen will happen. Thanks again.


Shannon - February 21

I've had the same cramps that you described. I'm in my tenth week now and they have almost gone away totally. Unless you're spotting, I think you'll be okay. Hang in there!


KIM - February 21

Hi... I am coming up on 8 weeks. I have had cramping since my period was suppose to start last month. My doc. says its normal as long as its not a piercing pain and bleeding. She also suggests laying on your left side. I have had cramps on and off since day one. Just monitor them. Good luck and Congrats.


Jessica - March 4

I am 8 weeks pregnant, and I just had the same thing you described happen last night. It came out of no where, and lasted about 8-10 minutes, and then just went away totally. I have had no bleeding either, and once it went away there were no other signs. It really hurt and I was also in tears, I was minutes away from calling 911, but then it stopped. This is my first baby too, and it really freaked me out. I am worried, and my next appointment isnt for another 4 days. I called my doctor, and they just told me to drink more water, and rest. Unless I start bleeding, or it comes back and persists to go to the ER. I have had 2 friends recently get pregnant and they both had miscarriages. I am so scared. I feel your pain, but dont have any good advice for you either, but at least you know you are not the only one it happened to.


Elaine - March 4

I have had severe lower back cramps and low tummuy cramps as well up to my 8th week then my body seemed to go back to normal. My docter a__sured me this was normal, could be caused by your round ligaments strectching or gas believe it or not, as your body adjusts to the new hormones



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