Anyone Have Any Bleeding At 5 Weeks And Still Be Ok

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Suzie - August 2

I am 5 weeks as of today and last night i had some bleeding which started out pink then went a little red and then brown. it stopped this morning it was never heavy and i didnt have any sharp pains. it just felt like my period was gonna start. it was all mostly when i wiped. has this ever happened to any body and was still ok? or could this mean a miscarriage? ive been laying in bed all day and seem to be fine now.


Krista - August 2

I had some spotting at 5 weeks and freaked out but doctor said everything was fine. I was on vacation in Mexico and called the doctor from there! I had it at night and it was gone by next morning. I then had some spotting again at 6 weeks after u/s. Both times it was brownish/pinkish Doctor said it is normal and haven't had any since. Now am almost 10 weeks. I am sure it is nothing to worry about but Call your doctor and ask-it will make you feel better.


Ashley - August 3

I am also 5 weeks and for the past 2 nights I have had light blood or brown discharge when I wipe. I also called the doctor and they didn't seem concerned. I am scared every time I go to the bathroom that I will miscarry. So I don't have an answer but wanted to let you know I am in the same boat.


Justine - August 3

I didn't bleed at 5 weeks but I bled 10 times between week 6 and week 14 - brown and red (never with pain). I'm now 26 weeks and the baby is moving, last u/s at 21 weeks everything was fine. You need to see a doctor if you're bleeding though and ideally get a ultrasound done. Once you see a heartbeat on the ultasound your chances of miscarriage go right down.


Mindy - August 3

Suzie - I had some brown discharge in the beginning of my 5th week. Towards the end of my 5th week I started bleeding pink. They did an ultrasound three days later and the baby was fine with a heartbeat of 130. The bleeding stop for a few days and I went on with my normal activities.(big mistake) The end of my 6th week I had alot of red bleeding with some clots, no cramps though. I thought I had a miscarriage. They brought me back in for an ultrasound and the baby was fine with a strong heartbeat of 153. The told me I have a subchrionic hematoma. That is when the baby latches on and causes a blood blister and it ruptures when you are doing too much. They said mine is small but can get bigger if I continue doing too much. It may even cause a miscarriage if it goes completely around the baby sack. Just take it easy and no lifting more than 20 pounds. The bleeding usually stops if you do alot of resting. I don't know if this is what you have but you need to go see your doctor to make sure everything is alright and a subchrionic bleed needs to be monitored. Let me know how things are going. Good Luck and God Bless!


Brandi - August 3

I am only 3weeks along and am experienceing the brown ish pink discharge as well. I havent called the Dr . It has been a relief to read all of your posts


nonee - August 14

i am into my 6th week and had slight bleeding , which turned to a brownish discharge .I am now on bed rest, this being my second pregnancy with the same symptoms as the first one. Except that in the first i had lots of bleeding. It was a threatened abortion, but with bed rest and uterus relaxing medications i was fine. I beleive resting is the best self help in such cases.


heather w - August 14

my sister is 12 weeks pregnant and has had bleeding several times since the very beginning of her pregnancy...each time she freaks out and goes to the emergency room and every time they do an ultrasound and everything has been fine...i personally wouldn't mess around with that though...i would call the doctor just to make sure everything is okay because bleeding can be a sign of many other things like problems with the placenta and so forth.


shantina - August 16

i had some spotting at 6wks,it started out just like yours, i went to the drs 5 times in the next 4.5wks and was told that everthing was ok. i saw the baby, heard the heart beat and everything. but unfortunately i miscarried at 10.5wks. no this does not mean it will happen to you, but i am sorry to say that laying down in bed will not help stop a miscarriage, it will happen because that is natures plan. trust me when i say i practically stayed in bed for over 4wks, even the doctors said it wouldnt have made a difference if i was jumping on a trampoline or layed flat on my back. i hope the best for you and will keep you in my prayers.


shantina - August 16

the placenta has even developed at six weeks, so dont think that would be a problem.


shantina - August 16

retype of previouse post. the placenta has not even developed at six weeks so i dont think thats what it is.


Kathy - August 16

I too would call the dr but I had the same thing, at one point it was medium and had a clot but when I went to the dr I was fine, baby was fine and saw a heartbeat the next week. Good Luck and don't freak out, there is nothing you can do besides take care of yourself.


Heather - August 16

Cathy - I had a clot to from the baby implanting itself in the uterine wall and bled a 6 wks. I think is happens to many women in pregnancy but you should see your doctor to have an ultrasound.


Kim - August 17

I too have had spotting. It started at 8.5 weeks and lasted one day. Then again exactly one week later it did it again. Both times it started out brown and seemed like a lot to me, but then faded quickly to beige the next day. I had another ultrasound done today and baby is fine w/154 bpm heartrate and measuring 10 weeks exactly. I too was very worried, but it helps when you have a very caring staff at your doctors office. They got me in quickly and explained that I had some blood under the placenta and still have a 5% chance of m/c or preterm labor. Any percentage is bad to me, but then I thought no pregnancy is foolproof. Just take it one day at a time and if it's meant to be it will carry all the way. Just always talk to your doctor because even though it's scary, it helps to know risks upfront so we are always prepared. My first pregnancy was a breeze and you can take things like that for granted, but I'm awake now and am just happy to be at 10 weeks.


Suzie - August 17

Here is my UPDATE to this thread... I have been put on disability and a medical leave from work for the entire 9 months because of my history with m/c's and the bleeding with this pregnancy. my job requires me to be able to lift up to 80 lbs which i can no longer do. we believe that is why i started bleeding (duh!) I am now 7 weeks pregnant and have seen the babies heartbeat!!!! Thanks everyone for your replies!!


kate - August 18

Not a problem! This happened to me at 5 is the baby implanting in your uterus. Very normal.


tricia - August 18

i had spotting for a week in my 5week. it was just in the morning when i wipped. 5.5 weeks bleed alot for 24 hours. no cramping, no clotting. my husband is a different rh factor than me so i went to the er for a rogaine shot because i thought it was miscarriage. my hcg levels were higher than expected, so i was set up for an ultra sound the next day. saw sack with fetus and another sack that was called a fluid sac. still spotted a couple of days after that but now it has stopped. i have to go back in a week for another ultra sound but they couldn't figure out the bleeding. I guess i'll know more on 8-22-06.



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