Anyone Have Endo Cyst Or Adhesions And Get Pregnant After

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jenn W - January 11

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how long it took them to get pregnant after they had either endometriosis, a cyst or adhesions removed. I had a labroscopy...or whatever they are calling it now...pelvicoscomy...something like that... :)....right before Christmas. It turns out I had endometriosis, a cyst on one of my tubes and adhesions that had to be removed. I'm pretty confident that is what was causing our infertility, so I'm looking forward to starting fresh this month and just wanted to hear some success stories. :) Best of luck to everyone trying, pregnant or already a proud mom. :) Thanks! Jenn


Cevvin - January 11

I have endometriosis. My first pregnancy it took me 6 months to get pregnant but it was a hydatidiform mole (molar pregnancy), not related to endometriosis. But anyway, after that pregnancy i have not had any pain or problems a__sociated with my endometriosis. And my 2nd pregnancy we got pregnant after 1 night ha ha. And same with the 3rd (current) pregnancy. So dont get to descouraged about having kids with endo, there are new procedures out there if its really bad to help you. lGood luck.


hopeful24 - January 12

Jenn, how are you doing? I have severe endometriosis and I also had fibriods. I have had 4 or so laproscopic surgeries since 1997 and one myomectomy about a year ago. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and having my lil' one on the 29th of this month. After I had my last surgery it took us about three months to conceive. Keep dust to you!


mjvdec01 - January 12

My good friend Jessica had the same surgery you had and got pregnant right away. She was advised to wait 3 cycles but didn't and now she is 26 weeks. I wish you luck. :o}


LeslieM - January 12

hi has been a few years, and i have had subsequent cysts that have ruptured, but i had cysts removed from the outside of one of my ovaries and one from the inside....i had an IUD then, but as soon as i got it removed i got PG. hey Cevvin? i have to say that i had a Partial Molar pregnancy about 14 years ago....found out at 18 week ultrasound that i had lost baby. anyway, you are the first woman i have come across since that had this too. wow....


jenn W - January 14

Thanks for your feedback everyone. I go to the doctor tomorrow to discuss next steps. I'm praying we get pregnant soon so we don't have to worry about next steps!!!!


yumymumy - January 14

in mid october i had laproscopy surgery and D&C {just to clean out the built up} and i also had my tubes flushed, even tho my tubes wernt blocked they said while we are here we might as well to improve conception. i had 1 month recovery, the following month i was on clomid and i concieved!! i had the lap surgery to remove a endo.


SaraSki - January 14

I answered this on the other topic page you posted it, but I'll post again here :) I had a TEN pound ovarian cyst (yep, 10 lbs!!)removed in 2006, and I am 9 weeks pregnant. I was told by my OB that there were no issues related to the cyst that would damage my pregnancy. Good Luck to you!!!


jenn W - January 17

Thanks ladies....sorry, I did post on multiple forums because I didn't know who would be able to answer me. :) I went to my doctor yesterday and he said that normally, he wouldn't think a cyst would be a problem, but I had a large cyst...not the 10 pounder you had Saraski (that's enormous)...but large and it was pulling on my tube so much my doctor thinks the labroscopy and removal of everything is going to be a huge help. I didn't get put on Clomid, because my doctor thinks we'll be fine without it. He actually said he wouldn't be surprised if he saw us in his office in two months. I'm not going to hold my breat that we'll get a BFP that quickly, but it made me feel a lot better. Thank you all for your answers. It really puts my mind at ease.


tish212 - January 17

good question. I had my laperscopy on feb 19 and me and dh concieved our baby girl on feb 26th (yes ur supposed to wait 2 weeks but we couldnt) she was just born dec 18th. it truly was a miracle since we had been trying for 5 years. nothing else had worked so I would say yes the surgery works (i got it to help with getting pregnant but also to stop the pain I had stage 4 endo) they also found out my right tube is blocked so I got pregnant from only 1 working tube! so gl!


Aliciagomez - December 19

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Aliciagomez - December 20

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