Anyone Have Gestational Diabetis During Your Pregnancy

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Christle Arias - January 16

I am 7 weeks and i had taken the glucose test that you drink and wait an hour to draw blood i took that at 6 weeks and they called me today and told me I am borderline that I have to take the 3 hour Glucose test and get blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. If any one is else haveing these problems or know of someone or have home-remedies to help keep the levels lower.


Alexandra - January 18

Gestational Diabetes can't be controlled by "a home remedy", and in fact if you have a problem with it, it is very good that you are finding out now and can make the changes necesary to still have a healthy pregnancy. Once you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, your doctor should sit down with you and discuss the changes that need to happen in your life. He may prescribe taking insulin. He will show you how to test your blood sugar levels, and he will discuss a diet with you that will help control blood sugars. Some changes he might suggest will be to start moderate excercise, as this will help level out your blood sugar levels. He will also suggest that you watch your carb intake - you will still require carbs for a healthy baby, but he might suggest that you break your carb intake up into all of your meals instead of having a lot of carbs all at once. Another thing that helps with diabetes is eating "good carbs" like whole wheat as opposed to "bad carbs" like candy or white bread and pasta...good carbs are digested much more slowly and don't spike your sugar levels. Another major factor is to try not to gain too much weight. If you are already overweight (and many women with gestational diabetes are), try to aim to gain only 15 - 20 lbs. Hope this is helpful....there is lots of information on the web if you want to learn more.


kristenk0329 - January 19

Hi, I went through the exact same tests. Turns out my 3 hour results came back slightly abnormal so i am considered 'borderline pregestational diabetic'. Doctor told me to show glucose levels like this so early on means I had diabetes before I was pregnant, something that most women don't develop til their third trimester usually. I basically had to change my diet and exercise routine. I avoid all sugars and limit my carbs. they have me testing my sugar 5 times a day now on a glucometer. This is my doctors first step towards controlling the diabetes. He said if it doesnt work, then I will have to use insulin. As long as the diabetes is monitored and controlled, you can go on to have a perfectly normal pregnancy. Only thing that stinks for me is I crave carbs, and now I cannot have as many. A good reference is to check out the Diabetics a__soc. website, they will mail you a booklet that has all the food exchanges in it. Very helpful!!



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