Anyone Have Naval Ring

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Angela - June 25

i have my belly button pierced and wondering when it will be necessary to take it out?


Sam - June 25

Good question. I do, too, and am interested to know.


dani - June 25

I have one as well.....i'm 13 weeks and wondering when i should remove mine.


Q - June 27



no clue - June 27

But im sure after pregnancy we wont be showing it off anymore!!


sue - June 27

I think if it starts to feel uncomfortable during pregnancy...basic rule "take it off!"


crystal - June 27

i am 10 weeks and my doctor said take it out as early as possible.....and he said that the scar will stretch really bad when you start to get bigger...and i already took mine out......


Brooke - June 30

I had mine taken out, and it looks much better. A big belly with ring isn't that attractive.


Kim - June 30

there is a great web site- I bought a maternity navel ring- its cute and easy. It is


Kay - July 2

I was wondering if when you get pregnant if there is hole where your ring used to be?


Kay - July 2

edited from above. I am not talking about the orginal ring still being there, but was wondering if there is a larger hole?


Jackie - July 2

I took my ring out, the doctor said you can keep it in the whole time. But I already have an ugly hole that's going to get stretched out soon (actually two holes because I had the bottom peirced too) so I decided to take it out. It hought It would look tacky.


Shaina - July 3

My sister had her belly b___ton pierced when she got pregnant. The sooner you take it out the less it will show after labor. She didn't take it out for awhile and now has a dark brown spot and a little overlay flap of skin that hangs over where it used to be. But it could be different for each woman.


Kay - July 3

If you take it out will the hole get stretched out making it a bigger hole?


dani - July 3

I just removed my belly ring at 13 weeks preggo, and the piercing lady said it's best to remove it because you can get an infection from the stretching of the belly, and could harm the baby. Makes sense! And my dr said to get it removed right away also.



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