Anyone Have Spotting In Early Pregnancy

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meg - October 15

I just got my BFP today....yeah!!! (I'm on CD28) However, for the past 3 or 4 days, I have been having some light brown when I wipe & twice I have had light red. Should I be worried?? I haven't seen any red in 2 days, & just a little bit of brown. Thanks!


Julymommy2b - October 15

I am a little over two weeks pregnant and wiped a bit of brown this morning. I went to the doctor to have my HCG levels tested. He said they are right where they should be and not too worry unless the cramping becomes severe. I would go have your levels ckecked to be sure everything is okay. Good luck with the pregnancy and congrats!


meg - October 15

Thanks Julymommy. I'm thinking you mean that it's been two weeks since you conceived, meaning you are 4 weeks pg?? That would make us about the same! I've been testing positive for the past 4 days, but I had the HCG injection to make me release all of my follicles, & they said it can take up to 14 days before it's out of your system. Today was day 14 & the tests are still positive! Anyway, I had a quant_tive HCG done today, I'll find out the results tomorrow...I just hope they are good! I have not had any more brown spotting since early this morning...I hope that's a good sign. What is your due date?


Deb - October 15

Sounds like implantation bleeding. It should go away soon. Brown is good. Bright red is not. Congratulations!


Julymommy2b - October 16

You are right 2 weeks since I conceived. My cycles are irregular so I added 280 days to when I think we conceived which would make my due date July 2nd. I go back next Monday for another blood test (levels are over 900, and progesterone over 40) and my first ultra sound is the 29th. I am super nervous. I have not really been staining or cramping today so I hope this is a good sign. When is sure due date?



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