Anyone Have Their Hcg Levels Drop And Still Be Pregnant

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Michelle - September 8

I had found out I was pregnant on the 14th of August. I made a doctors appointment, but couldn't get in until Sept. 16. But I started spotting a week later.(I was about 5 weeks along.) I called the doctor's office and they told me to get extra rest. But I was very nervous (this being my first pregnancy). A couple days later I called him again, and the nurse sent me down for a blood test. The results came back and they told me that everything was ok. Well I began to start bleeding more, so I called them again. They sent me down for another blood test and scheduled me to come in and talk with the doctor about my results. So when I saw the doctor he told me that my hcg levels dropped alot within just 2 days. He told me that I was having a miscarriage. He never told me what my hcg levels were or anything. He didn't do a u/s, nothing. I have faced the facts that I did have a miscarriage. But with some of the things I have read here on this forum with other women having the same experiences, I beginning to wonder. I still have a few pregnancy symtoms, like semi-sore br___t, MAJOR fatigue, and headaches. I realize this could just be from the excess hormones still left in my body. But my doctor didn't do any kind of tests, except the blood tests, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had a significant drop in hcg levels, and bleeding and still been pregnant? Maybe I'm just trying to hold on to some bit of hope, but I'm going to be very upset if my doctor told me that I lost the baby, and I didn't. I do alot of lifting at work, and work around alot of chemicals. Maybe I should just see another doctor. Or maybe I should just finally, and completly accept that I lost my baby. I'll listen to any advice that any one can give. My doctor didn't seem to have any.



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