Anyone Having A July Baby

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Deb - November 3

Hello ladies, I just got my BFP yesterday and I am looking for some women to share the journey. Please join me!


nicky - November 3

according to the due date cal. online i am due around july 5th. have not tested yet...spotting dark brown, waiting to see if it is IB or af. then i will test. once i get results...i let you know...if positive i'd love to share the journey. what were your symptoms?


Kim - November 3

I am! I am due July 1st. I had a miscarriage in June (1st pregnancy) and gor pregnant again last month. Hopefully all will go well this time. I'd love to keep track of you Deb and hear how you're doing! And you too nicky...hoping for no af and a BFP for you!


nicky - November 3 too...


Sara - November 3

What is a BFP? I took my test last week, came out + after a m/c a couple of years ago. Im so excited for this journey but very nervous and scared. I would be due july 14th and would love to share this journey with you all!


Deb - November 3

Hi Nicky, Kim and Sara! Thanks for joining me. Kim and Sara, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It must have been a very difficult thing to go through. I am worried of having a miscarriage as my sister had five before she had her son. This is the first time I have been pregnant and it took us six months to conceive, so I am very relieved that it finally happened. I think I should be due around July 11th. I am going to the doctor in a couple of weeks so I should have a definite due date by then. Sara - a BFP is a big fat positive (on a home pregnancy test). I am 32 and I have been married for four and a half years. I live in Ontario, Canada. What about you guys?


Lori - November 3

Hi girls! I am 26 and pregnant for the first time and due on July 1st. I am really excited about it. Time seems to be going so slow though. I have an appt. the day before Thanksgiving to hear the heartbeat. That will be quite a moment!


Cat - November 3

Hi ladies, I got a BFP October 31st. I am 26 years old and live in san diego, ca. I am quite suprised I just got off the pills and within a month found out that I am pregnant. I am due June 29th ish??? I go for an ultrasound on the 23rd of Nov. I should be about 9 weeks according to the doctor today. I am looking forward to joining this journey with you.


cat - November 3

oops, I'm 6 weeks now and will be 9 weeks when I get my ultrasound.


Diana - November 3

I am due July 1st for now but Im SURE that will be pushed up a little bit since my periods are irregular...Im thinking July 5 or 6th.


Diana - November 3

Lori-- Yea we have the same due date! Would love to keep in touch with you all via email also.. my email address is [email protected] What about you guys?


Deb - November 3

Hi Lori, Diana and Cat. Nice to have you join me again, Cat! Where are all of you guys from?


Kelly - November 4

Hello ladies, I'm having #3 and had two miscarriages years ago that would be 5 total. I'm 39 years old and boy was this a suprise, sharing your jouries would be wonderful.


Lorraine - November 4

hi every one .congratulations to us all! just found out i'm pregnant due 5th july .had misscarrage in june so hope this one turns out ok.good luck to you all.


Diana - November 4

Im in Cali.


Deb - November 4

Welcome Kelly and Lorraine! I am having no symptoms. Anybody else in my boat. My EDD (for now) is July 11, so I am barely pregnant, but I would have thought I would have felt something by now?


Lori - November 4

I'm near Albany, NY. Diana, that would be fun to keep in touch. I'll drop you a note. And Deb, I am not having many symptoms either. Today I am 6wks 1 day and I barely have any nausea. My bbs are only a tiny bit sore, but not larger. Really, I'm just a little more tired and hungry. It used to worry me that I wasn't experiencing more. But my dr. said to calm down and enjoy it. That I am lucky not to be sick.



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