Anyone Heard Of The Draino Test

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Kristen - May 1

Anyone heard of using draino to test for gender? Some coworkers told me about it, and I'm just not sure! They told me to pee in a cup, add draino - and if it turns certain colors it means a boy or a girl. Anyone have experience with this? Success?


sorry - May 1

non of the tricks work or everyone would be doing it. They tried a whole bunch on Elizabeth from The View and the all came up as a boy and she had a little girl. Don't get your hopes up too high.


aimee - May 17

yes we tried it on 4 friends last year and it worked


Remember - May 17

There is a 50% chance you'll be right!


D - May 17

You should use Drano Crystal and should test after 4 months of pregnancy.(By that time u can know the gender by the u/s)


B - May 17

It didn't work for me. It showed I would have a girl and I had a boy! is very dangerous. When you pour the urine on the drano it causes a chemical reaction and the drano gets extremely hot and it produces a boiling type of effect. It really concerned me. I am so thankful I didn't pee directly into the cup. That could have been really horrible.


e - June 22

im intrested in doing the draino test. i was wondering how to do it exactly is there a certain amount of draino to use? i get my u/s next month so i want to see if it works.


Wendy - July 2

Yes! I've done it with all 3 of my children and the results were 100% correct! Good luck! Reddish brown-girl, Blue-boy


chel - July 3

I tried it today for fun and nothing happened. It just had a horrible smell. It was fun!! Good luck


Violet - July 3

LOL you guys are hilarious! Be careful, I also have heard it can form gas which is very bad to breathe in maybe pee in something else then add it to the draino outside


shelbi - July 4

here's how it works: take a tall gla__s (NOT PLASTIC/PAPER or the cup can melt) and fill it with about 2 oz of pee (about an inch tall). have your HUSBAND or SOMEONE ELSE take it outside (the fumes are very toxic). put 2 tsp of DRANO CRYSTALS in the gla__s. wait five minutes. GREEN, GREEN-BROWN: IT'S A GIRL; BLUE, BROWN: IT'S A BOY!! i've never heard anyone to say it doesn't work, but i'm sure it's not 100% lol. i've done it, and mine was brown liquid with green foam on top, so hopefully we're having a girl! i've also done the ring test, the chinese conception calendar, and checked the heartrate.. and they all point to girl. :D good luck - and remember, healthy is best!



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