Anyone Just Found Out They Re Preg And Due In Feb

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jeffreys mommy - June 10

After over a year of trying, I am finally pregnant! I am so excited that I can hardly hold it in. Anyone else out there who is so excited that they just have to tell someone (even if it's only random people on a forum)?


MomNLove - June 13

Hi, I just found on the 10th that I'm pregnant with my second and my first (a little girl) just turned 7 months. It was unexpected, but my husband and I are excited. I haven't told my anyone yet becuase I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of having 2 that are only 15 months apart. I'm also working at losing the baby weight from baby number one and am planning on eating MUCH better this time around. I'm only 8lbs from where I started with baby not too far off. I haven't even called my doc yet to schedule an appointment....still wrapping my head around it all...LOL! CONGRATS TO YOU! And when are you due? According to due date calculators, I'm due Valentines Day. take care


KailinTurnerPraying - June 14

Yup! I found out on 11 June 2009! I have taken 8 pregnancy tests (I know crazy) and all positive! I have my clinic test on Monday. My hubby and I have been trying for a year so I am so crazy excited!!! Congrats to all the Feb 10' babies and mommies!


JJ5235 - June 14

Hi Ladies! My name is Jessica and we am pregnant with our pregnant with our 2nd child. I am due Feb 8th. I had an ultrasound a week ago and it showed the gestastional sac but that was all that was expected to be seen so early. Just as a precaution we drew blood for hcg levels and they are doubling as well. I go back for another ultrasound in 1 week and its the longest wee ever. I am 6 weeks tomorrow! We are very excited. Its nice to meet you all


JJ5235 - June 14

TYPO: We are pregnant not we am..


MomNLove - June 14

Congrats JJ and Kailin!!! When I first found out we were pregnant with my daughter we had been trying for nearly a year and I had already had a miscarriage, so we were indeed super excited. I thought it would take months or even a year to get pregnant with the second one and being that we weren't even trying, I was very surprised at the ease of this one! LOL! I kind of held my breath the first month with my DD because of the m/c I had had earlier and I find I'm doing that with this one's like I don't want to get TOO excited until the first month has pa__sed...well, I guess that would be the 8 week mark (being that you're technically a month when you miss your period). But I am excited...dont' get me wrong, I'm just cautious too. So, old is your first? And how far apart will your two children be? Do you have a boy or girl and what are you hoping for now? Well, congrats again to everone!


yellow - June 15

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE..... I've been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I took a HPT a few days ago just for the heck of it and it was POSITIVE. I couldn't believe it. I just wanna wait a few weeks before I start spreading the great news. I'm sooooo afraid to get my hopes up then have a miscarriage. I will be due on Feb 18th. GOOD LUCK to all!


MomNLove - June 15

CONGRATULATIONS YELLOW!!! I know how elated you must be after trying for a year and then taking a test on a whim, thinking that you're gonna get the same results as the past 12 months, only to find out you're gonna be a mommy! So what DPO did you take your test and was the result a dark positive? I took mine at 11dpo because I was "feeling" pregnant and there was a clear, but faint positive and it's been gradually getting stronger. I took one again this morning to see if it was darker, and although I'm at 18dpo, it's definately darker, but it's still not as dark nor did it come up as fast as it did with my daughter. I tested with her at 16dpo in the middle of the day with very diluted urine and it came up SUPER DARK and before the control appeared. Her's was a STRONG, STRONG, positive, but with this one is gradually becoming stronger over time. I'm trying not to get worked up over that. I have no symptoms either, accept being really super tired. And I don't want to talk myself into believing that no symptoms means m/c, because I had every symptom in the book with DD and I'd MUCH rather have no I'm trying to take this one day at a time. and I very much understand you're being cautious and not wanting to spread the good news just yet. Good luck to you... Good luck to all!


needhelp08 - June 15

Hi and good morning ladies,i got a positive on june.2nd 4 days before period and it wasn't real strong but def. a + so i had my hcg tested on the 5th (13dpo)it was 128 and again on the 8th it was 428 in less than 48hrs. my hormones would double but i never had them to start off so high. what led me to test - i had all day sickness 5 days prior to testing and b___sts were sore and very tired all the time even after being up for 2 hrs i could take a 3 hr. nap , i still have all of the symptoms along with belly feeling heavy, and slight lower backach as if i was 5mo lol. i'm kinda excited to see if any of these signs are telling me i'm having more than 1 had a dream yesterday morning it was twins i have been right in the past with 2 of them dreaming about my oldest daughters weight and dreamed i was having a son and sure enough i was right but had him 7wks early, and twins run on my side of family lol, i have 4 children 5yrs to 2 all single births and this pregnancy is completely different can't wait for my u/s i see the doc. tomorrow but not sure if i'll be getting an u/s then.well enough about me i can't wait to here about the rest of the feb. mothers to be.


MomNLove - June 15

CONGRATS needhelp08!!! You know what's SO funny about your post is that I TOO had this funny feeling that when I got pregnant again it would be with twins. Twins run on my side as well. But I'm having very little symptoms, compared to with my daughter (which I had every symptom in the book). But when I went on the twins and multiples forum there were plenty of women on there who were pg with twins and having ZERO symptoms and their pregnancies were very healthy. So, what you and I have in common is that THIS pregnancy is very different from past pregnancies (granted you have more pregnancy history that I do! LOL). So, who knows! LOL! I mean if I were pregnant with twins I'd have 3 under 16 months!!! YIKES! so, I'm okay with just one, but I have to wonder if my hunch was right! LOL! Good luck to you and I can't wait to hear about your u/s!


needhelp08 - June 15

ty, i hope we all get what we want. btw forgot to add that my edd:feb 13th ttyl take care


tracielee - June 16

hello all, i just found out a few weeks ago that i'm pregnant with my 2nd baby! i'm 7 weeks now, and due feb 1st! I stopped b___stfeeding when my daughter turned 1 and only took birth control one month after that. she 17 months. i got pregnant again so fast, i was surprised.. but so happy. congrats to all of you!


needhelp08 - June 17

good morning all, thought i'd update u as much as i can which isn't much here it goes: yesterday went to 1st ob appt. the doc (never had before) went over my bloodwork results from june.5th said they were good and then said the one for june 8th was low she said it should've been at least 1000-1500 she said she was worried and wanted to repeat it and also do a sono she said she'd call me with the results but haven't yet! argg, my bloodwork from yesterday is:6698 which to me is alittle high and the sono tech kept asking weird question like have u had any spotting with this pregnancy i said no, then asked why did the doc order the sono i said she was wondering if everythings ok plus i been feeling heavy and quiet tired,all day morning sickness she said oh. this is what ticked me off - i didn't get a pic nor did i get to see my baby on screen! anyways if i found out anything more i'll letcha know...i still have a feeling that i'm having twins we'll see eventually. have a great day =))


Tlee - June 17

My ob-gyn confirmed my pregnancy on June 8th. This will be my second child. I am seven weeks pregnant after trying for two years. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage last year so I am anxiously waiting for my ultrasound on June 22. According to my doctor we should be able to detect a heartbeat so our fingers are crossed with positive thoughts. Congratulations to all the new moms to be!!!!!!


TurnerBabyCraze - June 17

All, I am nervous about the whole miscarriage thing too. I am 4 weeks today and just super nervous. I got my first ultrasound on 3w5d and the doc said everything was great and healthy. Why am I soo nervous then?!!?1 I am scared to do anything! I am super excited dont get me wrong, but I dont want to get all excited either if something bad happens!


needhelp08 - June 17

ok the doc just called and said my numbers yesterday r great and would like me to get another sono on july 7th to see the heartbeat. so far so good and she said when i asked if there was 1 or more sacs(it only looked like 1) not very convincing but we'll see lol, ttyl


MomNLove - June 17

First of all...Congrats TracieLee and Tlee and TurnerBabyCraze!!! Needhelp08....I'm SO glad to hear that everything is okay...and I totally agree that it's frustrating when you go to have a sono and the tech won't show you the screen and no one's telling you what's up! I'm just glad that it turned out okay. And a friend of mine just had twins (boy/girl) on Mother's day and at her first sonogram they saw only one sac, the didn't see both until she was about 12 who knows! ;-) And to all those who are nervous...I feel ya...every time I wipe I think I'm gonna see blood, but nothing. I'm just trying to not let myself get worked up. I mean, I started bleeding three times with my daughter (who is 7 months now) and nothing came of it, just a little blood. So, I'm trying not to let my mind run away with me. As for me...I see the doc tomorrow because I'm not actually sure how far along I am. I have had to light spotty periods since I quit b___stfeeding and June's was a no show. Also, I've been feeling fetal type movements for a few weeks now...even before I tested and since we weren't trying, I know it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me. These movements are just so similar to when i was pg with my daughter, so that is actually why I tested before I even missed my period and got a BFP. Honestly it's probably just pregnancy gas that I don't normally get, but I'm curious to see how far along I actually am. Well, take care of yourselves ladies and CONGRATS!



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