Anyone Just Have A Feeling About Your Babys Sex

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nik - January 18

From the minute I found out I was pregnant I thought it was a girl. I dont know why but I just picture a baby girl. We did all the gender predictors and they say girl too. Ive even started planning a little girl nursery in my head. (I wont know for sure until March 24th) Anyone else feeling this way? It would be interesting to see down the line how many peoples 'feelings" were right.


sara - January 18

I have a feeling that i am having a boy. I could be wrong but i just have a feeling.


Lacey - January 18

Two days before I got my bfp. I dreamed I had a baby boy. Now every time a dream about the baby, it is always a boy. This makes me think I am having a little boy. DH really wants a boy. To be honest, I would like a girl, but I will be soooooo happy with whatever I get.


SherryZ - January 18

Once I found out I was pregnant, I pictured a boy. We refer to the baby as he all the time. My mother in law has this pendulum that she uses on preg women to predict the s_x, and it also said a boy.


Brittany - January 18

I've been having dreams of a baby girl since I found out I was pregnant. We already have a boy (I had dreams of having a boy too when pregnant with him) and yesterday we had an ultrasound but it was a bit too early to find out the s_x, I had the lady give me a guess though and she said a girl. We find out for sure if it's a girl in three weeks so it was really weird because it felt like my body was telling me girl girl girl.


Angela W. - January 18

I have had the feeling that this baby will be a girl. I was pregnant with twins and lost one early in the pregnancy. I felt from the time I knew it was twins that I was having a boy and a girl. Then when I lost one, I kept referring to it as a boy. I don't know why, so now I always refer to this baby as a girl. I don't know, DH really wants a girl, but he says he thinks it's a boy. We'll know around March 24th as well!


Cicely-LJ - January 18

I picture a girl and sometimes even say girl, but I attribute it to me wanting one so badly. This is my second child and with my first, I just knew he was a boy, from the day I had a BFP I said him and so did everyone else. I have alot of people saying it seems like girl because of how severe my MS is, but I just really hope I have a girl.


DWilson924 - January 18

I have also had a gut feeling that I am having a girl. Don't know why, I just do. I will find out at my 20w u.s. which is the week of March 6th.


Been There - January 18

I too dream about a boy all the time. I'm hoping. Not that I honestly believe it, but I checked the Chinese calendar and it says boy. I hope it's right. I did check it against the two children I already have and it was right. Go Calendar!


prenya - January 19

Supposedly 71% of mothers are right with this gut feeling, female superpowers I guess!


elisveta - January 19

im trying not to guess. My mom swore I was a boy. Was gonna name me Josh! Bought all boy stuff. And tada !!! Here I am..not a boy!!!!! I had a dream I had a son with blonde hair and green eyes. Another dream show a p___s during an ultrasound. I think it's because all the pictures I look at , wont know till im further along. But I do want a son badly!


ChaycesMom - January 19

I knew I was having a boy, my 1st pg, as soon as I started showing. I never had dreams or anything about it though, just always had a feeling it was a boy. Now pg with my 2nd and it feels like a boy too, I have all the same feelings, but this time I had a dream. I tried the calendar, but it said I was having a girl. I am hoping for a boy, but wont know till around March 23.


Been There - January 19

It's the waiting to verify that's killing me. I have an ultrasound next week at 12 weeks, but I know it's still too early. My regular OB won't let me get an U/S until 20 weeks. But I have a specialist because I'm high risk, so I'm going to beg for one in another month. I mean, I definitely need more time for shopping and picking the nursery theme. The sooner I confirm, the better.


krc - January 20

ive had 2 dreams now it's a boy! Last night I dreamt he had red hair !!


GLORIA - January 20

I had a boy desire initially with my 1st PG. But everyone said "your carrying high it's a girl". I dreamed about giving birth to a puppy two times. The string and ring and string and needle test said girl....I had a boy! During my 2nd PG I wanted a girl so bad...ya' know 'cuz I already had a boy...'Cept this that time I dreamed about having a girl. Every one said "you'll get your girl this time." WRONG!...I had a boy!...With my current PG I have been having boy dreams. My first two boys favor me greatly. I am a Native American Indian, (full blood). My husband is white folk with pretty blue eyes. Our boys didn't come out dark dark. But they tan real nicely. They have dark brown hair and my dark brown eyes. My current dreams are about a white baby boy with blue eyes. Oh....well! we'll see. I have an ultra sound next week (I will be 16 weeks). Good luck everyone! Peace out! GLORIA


Jamie1 - January 20

I also feel as if I am having a girl, I've even dreamed about her. I got an ultrsound today and there wer two dots and a line which my husband swears are boy "parts". the doctor says it is to early to be sure so I am still optomistic that I will have the little girl in my dreams!! Something to hope for.


Sonya88 - January 20

I want a boy so badly. I really hope that it's a boy but I think that it's a girl my husband really wants a baby girl. He said that he used to have dreams and our first child was a girl in them. I guess I don't care as long as it's a beautiful healty baby.



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