Anyone Just Plain Scared

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Carol - March 15

This is our first child and it seems like I am worried about everything; the babies health, eating the right things, exercising, cleaning, finances. I sometimes feel terrified about the prospect of having a baby, and I guess just overwhelmed in general. I wonder if we should have waited longer because now I sometimes feel like I am just not ready and about how much things are going to change!! Anyone else feeling like this?


try to relax - March 15

I am on my 3rd child, and let me tell you there is no diffrence in the concernes now than the first 2, it is natural to have concernes and worries, its just your hormones changing, giving you diffrent feelings, thats your bodies way of adjusting for the baby, everything is going to be ok, just try to relax some cause all the stress will only tired you out and you need all the energy you can have


D - March 15

I feel the same way.... I'm just trying not to think about it. We're adults, and day by day we'll deal with whatever comes our way anyway!


Kelly K - March 15

You are definitely not alone. I think we ALL go through this. I even told DH that we are going to put off buying a house cause we have enough to deal with already.


Angie - March 16

Yes I'v been having panic attacks and resenting the baby already. I feel guilty about it but it's the way I feel. I called a pregnancy help line and they told me it's normal especially in the first trimester, before you hear the heartbeat or feel the kicks and espeically if all you feel is very very sick. I'v been so scared abotu it that it felt like a mistake to many times and I'v wanted to miscarry. Youre not alone in your fear.


Heidi - March 16

Don't feel bad. I went through this too!!!! I'm at 9 wks now and I'm starting to change my att_tude about it. I'm 30 and still not ready for this but I've been accepting it and yesterday I heard the heartbeat for the first time and she said it was very healthy so this made me feel a little closer to the baby. I have been very resentful too but I'm trying to get past this and get more positive about it. Instead of thinking about the financial burden and what I no longer will get to have, I think about the fun stuff I'll get to do with a child and it seems to lift my spirits. I worry about money most of all but I guess we'll manage. I know people WAY worse off than we are so....keep your spirits up! I know how you feel Angie. You sound like me when I was only 5 weeks. It got better with time. It's a hard thing to accept when it wasn't planned but everyone tells me I won't regret it. Good luck to you all and cheer up!


Carol - March 16

Oh my goodness, Angie!! That is exactly how I feel. I feel like a lurch for it, too. Most of the time I am happy, but sometimes I get so overwhelmed I want to miscarry. That is a horrible thing to so. I say to myself: what have we done? this was a huge mistake. I'm not ready for a baby.... and on and on. I guess its noraml, but it sure helps to have someone to talk to about it - someone who understands


Carol - March 16

Heidi - I see your posts on here a lot....when are you due? I will lbe 29 and it is time for a baby (DH is 35), I am four weeks so.... I guess this is normal and will pa__s. By the way, I am glad to here about your metal mouth going away! Have you tried drinking propel, yet?


Heidi - March 16

Carol - No I didn't find any yet. I saw some at walmart last night but all they had was peach flavor. I'll keep looking. Another good quencher is pink lemonade with tons of sugar! You guys aren't alone. I had such a hard time telling people I was pg. My boyfriend told everyone! When they'd congratulate me I'd sometimes almost burst out in tears cus I wasn't thrilled at all. I thought about miscarriage a lot too. I'm due Oct. 20th. hormones really took a toll on my at 4-7 weeks BIG TIME! That was when I was at my emotional worst. I'd cry a lot in private and was really scared. Now the last couple weeks I've been getting over that stage and moving on and trying to get through this and be happy. Everyone is showering me with happiness and I'm just like, whatever. Ha ha! Real positive huh? It WILL get better. It's helpful to have a partner who's excited about it too. I know if he were not happy about this pregnancy it would be soooo hard on me. Hopefully your hormones will give you a break soon and you'll start feeling more positive! Good luck girls!


rb - March 16

hi angie, carol, heidi - glad to have found this post - i seem to be privately freaking out as well - and i'm almost tired of hearing my own voice about being pregnant - especially when I don't know that many people who are right now...I've been worried sick and it's driving me crazy... for example, i used to work out 4-5 times a week - i haven't trained in over a month..( but will start as soon as i get some NRG back), and I'm a neat freak so my house is driving me crazy b/c i can't clean as often because of fatigue... we're also in the midst of buying a home, and although my husband doesn't want me to work, i worry about money for nothing... I think i'm driving myself crazy because I'm scared of what may happen - (i had a m/c last year and obviously did not deal with it very well). Anyhow, I'm sure we'll all be okay and happy moms soon - but for now, it's probably the crazy hormones and fatigue...Good luck everyone!


Heidi - March 16

RB - I'm in the same boat. I used to work out too and just now at 9 wks have started to get some energy back to go to they gym for 15-20 minutes at at time. I'm a neat freak too and we were in the process of moving when I found out I was pg. We are tearing down the old house we are in and rebuilding and I got so sick that I couldn't help pack so my fiance had to do all the work. Plus the idea of building and having a baby scares me even more! But we had to. I have a good job and can't afford to quit so daycare will be my only option and that's not cheap either. If things get tight you could always get a part-time job too. Good luck!


kim j - March 16

Hey Ladies! I am about 7 weeks and feeling the same. Stressed about everything and it seems like all in going to crumble to the ground. The same week we found out I was pregnant we found out we got the house we wanted... So Im really stressing. I keep telling myself it will all work out. It always does. I am also really worried about miscarriage. I cant wait till the 4 month when I wont need to worry so much. Good Luck!


vix - March 17

Hi ladies, I am 14 weeks with my fourth, and I just like to add, wait until the baby is in your arms, thats emotion.I cant say I ever felt like you guys do but things change and we learn to soldier on, just think of all the games, and tears of joy when bubs arrives. Good luck ladies, and keep your thoughts positive.


sara - September 22

I am pregnant with my second child. I don't know how far because I have not been to the doctor. I guess I am about 6 to 7 weeks. The really hard part is that I have a 5 month old. I am really upset because I did not want anymore children. My husband is in the military and is leaving for Iraq in Feb. He will miss the birth and the baby could be 6 months old before he ever mets him/her. Also to top the cake, I moved across the country with my husband and cannot afford to go home and have this baby. So I will hopefully met a friend to babysit my baby girl when I go into labor. I do not have a mom and the rest of my family is poor with children so they will not fly to help. I beleive that every child is conceved for a reason. I just hope I will find something to help me feel better. Right now I feel if I miscarry I would feel releaved.


nina - September 23

Sara, I really feel for your situation, it must be so hard. If you want someone to talk to email me, I'm a good listener. [email protected]


Allie - September 23

Hi Sara, I can understand your pain, I'm pregnant with my first child and away from my family, my hubby is with me, but working all the time, we just moved to another state and I don't have friends or anyone here to support me. I'm scared because all my family and friends live in another country (I'm not from US) besides that I don't have a mother either, it's hard because in this moments you wish you had more support. Where do you live? maybe you can find a nice lady from this thread to help you, I know that if you lived in the same city I do, I would help you. God bless you and give you the strenght you need!!


stasia - September 29

Hello ladies. I am about 6 wks along with my first and I am absolutely petrified! I have so many fears and they just seem to rule my entire life. This was a planned pregnancy but for the life of me I can't remember why I wanted to do this? I too have had thoughts about miscarriage and then I think that I am already a failure as a mother and all those women who can't have children would love to be in my shoes. I feel selfish because I think how my life is going to change because of the baby and when I think about the actual labor, I am absolutely terrified! I also have a history of depression and while I am not on any meds now, I worry about post pardom especially. I feel so overwhelmed and just such a mess. My husband is soo happy and tries to be supportive but I worry I am taking the joy and excitement out of the pregnancy for him as well as our families because all I do is cry about it all the time. Can anyone else relate?



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