Anyone Know Anything About Progesterone

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vonzo - November 13

After having 21 day tests with results saying I wasn't producing eggs I find myself just over 5 weeks pregnant (I think) :o) YAY! Anyhoo I went to the Dr yesterday to ask if I should be worried about low progesterone as this was the cause of me not ovulating. She seemed very scatty but said that I had obviously produced enough to ovulate, hence being pregnant so that I shouldn't worry about it. She has agreed to request an early scan for me but that wont be for another 3-4 weeks. I can't help but still feel worried as I know low progesterone can cause miscarriage. Anyone have an advice or knowledge on this? OH, and Congrats to everyone for getting their BFP! xx


Mindles - November 13

Progesterone won't hurt You even if You don't need it. Ask Your Doc to perscribe the supp. 100.mgs...Its the only reason I have the 2 children that I have :)


stefkay - November 13

This is actually a really controversial topic with doctors, I've found. Some believe it is beneficial and others believe it only "works above the neck" (for the patients mental wellbeing more than physical). One doctor explained to me that if the progesterone is too low it signifies that the egg/embryo isn't good and it is nature's way of taking care of a "bad" pregnancy--by not producing enough progesterone to support it, thus a m/c happens. Most of mine have believed this way. My new current doctor is a specialist in recurrent pregnancy loss and is at a univ. hospital and he does a lot of research. He believes the progesterone is beneficial and gives it to all of his patients because it does not cause harm whether it is needed or not. He explained that the testing for progesterone deficiency isn't reliable at all because the levels of progesterone fluctuate so much in the second half of the cycle (pregnant or not) that taking one blood test on day 21 is like taking one snapshot off of a movie reel and trying to decipher a whole movie from that one picture--it's impossible. He said that in controlled studies they check progesteron in the blood every 2 hours over several days. We can't do that though obviously as patients. He also said the endometrial biopsy which is the other way to test isn't reliable either and explained why, but I didn't understand, lol :) Anyways, he also said that the progesterone is really the most beneficial if started 3 days after ovulation, but I didn't see him until 2 days after my bfp so he put me on it, but I don't know if it is needed or if it will even help me at this point. If not, then next time I will be starting it earlier (right after ovulation). Good luck to you and Congratulations on your pregnancy!



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