Anyone Know When The Second Trimester Starts

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mel2229 - February 15

Hi girls, I was wondering if anyone knows exactly when the 2nd trimester starts? Is it the beginning of your 12th week or 13th? I am 12 w 3 d.


ginger6363 - February 15

end the 12th week, beginning of the 13th starts the second trimester.


Kerry5 - February 15

Thanks Ginger! It is so confusing because some sites tell you that it is the beginning of the 13th and others say it is the beginning of the 13th gestational.


moescrilla - February 15

well, allot of things say 14 weeks. What to expect when you're expecting says 14 weeks, b/c you're second tr-mester would start when you're three months, which is between 13-14 weeks


mel2229 - February 15

Thanks girls! Everyone says something different. I am so anxious to move to the next phase! How far along is everyone?


ginger6363 - February 15

I am 10w4d today, and sooo anxious to move on to the second trimester! Just another week and half and I am there. How about you, mel?


mel2229 - February 15

Ginger, I am 12 weeks 3 days and I am due 8/27/07. Have you had a lot of symptoms? Mine are finally starting to die down a little but I have heartburn 24/7 it feels like! This is my second pregnancy, my dd is 5 1/2. What about you?


lovestruckjsw - February 15

I'm 13 weeks and have been wondering the same thing.... I think I'm in that in between stage of not first trimester anymore but not quite second trimester lol


Tammy276 - February 15

When you are 13w complete, you can consider yourself in the second if you are 13w4d, technically you are in your second trimester because you are into your 14th week already


aliciavr6 - February 16

13w1d is first day of 2nd tri. Congrats. :)


Kerry5 - February 16

Mel...we are really close in dates, I'm 12w1d today due date Aug. 30th. I can't wait to be in the second trimester!!!


mel2229 - February 16

Kerry, that is so awesosme that our due dates are so close! Is this your first baby?


kerryv - February 16

13 weeks complete


Kerry5 - February 16

Yes, first baby...second pregnancy. First pregnancy was a blighted ovum, so I have been in panic mode until I hit the second trimester and hear the baby's heartbeat!


kimberly - February 16

Hi, girls I am due Aug. 26th so I am also real close to your dates too! I am so exited to finally be moving on to the second trimester. This Sunday I will be 13 weeks!!


diana_1 - February 17

Hi girls! I am also soo close, I am 12w 4days... Due Aug 28th. I also cant wait for my 2nd tri! This is my first child, 2nd preg - had a m/c at 5 wks.


mel2229 - February 19

It's so great that there are so many of us that are due so close in date! It's comforting to know that there are other women that are going through some of the same things as myself.



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