Anyone Newly Pregnant With An Infant

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falafal0 - April 16

It took all of five seconds to get a positive reading too for me Anne, and Kristin, at least your older DD is in pre-primary now? That should make things easier...two c sections close together, hmmm, sounds like a long road to recovery. I have very fast labours, baby Levi was delivered by DH in 25 minutes, and DD was born in the car in the hospital carrpark in 45 minutes...first two were short as well, so this time around, even though I've put my papers into the community midwifery for a midwife, I am going to ask about my options. If I have any...the recovery at home too was hard - wished I could have been transported to the hopsital for the first week...would love that!


BriannasMummy - April 16

Well I feel like ive recovered from my last c sectin completely.. I really dont have a very long recovery time at all. With my last two pregnancies.. they let me out of the hospital at least a day early. When I have a c section Im up walking around the same day. Hopefully that works out in my favour. Ive taken three tests.. all of them came out positive right away.. the middle of the three was the most PINK line.. when I take my 4 month old in for needles on thursday Ill just get him to do my check up that day too. Falafal that is CRAZY how fast you give birth.. if i were you id pitch a tent and spend the last week till ur due date at the hospital.. hahaha.. imagine that.. roasting some marshmallows!! I guess im tired.. oo la la! ~Kristin~


falafal0 - April 17

You do recover quickly...yep, DD birth was I must say a 'violent' one, contractions struck out of nowhere and it was really quite an event for me, well, and DH too. When my waters broke in the ca, panic came over me and that's when I started to become scared because after my watres had broken with my last two sons, they were born almost immediately. I could feel her head and she would have come out if I wasn't sitting up, I'm sure. But Levi's birth was totally way out there, and I do want to talk about my options, don't really want to be induced. My midwife from last time said she would break my waters full term, so she could be there this time. She is away on long service leave though, and won't get back until two months before I'm due, so I won't mess the other miwife around. I do admit though, it's constantly on my mind what will happen this time around. I told DH that I wish I was having twins because then I'd have to go through a hospital with a set date to deliver perhaps and not have to worry about where and when, and wouldn't have to go full term like a singelton, PLUS get a few days off afterwards! Bonus! THE ONLY REASON THOUGH!! :-) I don't want marshmallows, just icy cold orange cordial or juice with a golden syrup sandwhich- yum!


Karen_Fletcher - April 17

Morning all, my C-section was done under a general anesthetic, so labour to me is a snooze fest! lol!, i would love to do it naturally if i can this time, it was very scary for my hubby and myself, they transferred me about 40miles from where i live wi my local hospital so my son could have any medication he might have needed, thankfully he was so strong we were able to return to the local hospital after a few days. for me the saddest part was not being able to see my son until he was a day old, this was because of the situation i was in. i try to mke up for that everyday. This time my docs say they will look after me more closely this time, which is rea__suring for me as i am nervous and and read some scary stats online. At the mo i dont have many cravings, i go through fazes of not having an appet_te but when i am hungry i want to eat EVERYTHING! lol


inuk-mama - April 18

Oh Thank God I found you!!! I am in the same situation and thought I was the only one!! My son was born September 5th, 2006 and I found out in March that we are expecting again!!! I collapsed in the bathroom when the test said positive and I cried because I thought it was too soon, but DH calmed me down and once I had a minute to think, I realized that it was an absolutly wonderful thing!! NOw, the confusing part is my due date...I had a full period in January, but half one in Feb, none in March, so I am not sure as to when my due date is?? My first Prenatal visit isn't until May 2nd and I am losing patience waiting like this!! My son has a dr. appointment today and I will ask them if they can tell approx. how far along I am. Congratulations to all of you! I'm sure we'll be chatting more and more over the next few months! :)


tndrlvn - April 18

Kristin!!!!!!!!!!! It's me Lana, I had to come on and see how you were makin out hun......3 TESTS!!!!!!!!!! you are to funny.....I knew you were having a hard time believing this.....I"m so happy for you!!!!!!! I wish I was going through this with you again..........but I still will just not being pregnant........Love ya hun.........CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


inuk-mama - April 18

Ok, so we went to son's appointment and they are going to schedule and ultrasound for me :) To determine exactly how far along I am! But she said that I was probably due in October! Which is cool. As long as there are no more September babies I'm happy! DH is September 4th, son is September 5th, dd is September 18th, step-daughter is October 1st!! Enough! I want one closer to the end of OCtober!!!!!


BriannasMummy - April 18

Hey girls... I just wanted to let you all know that Im going through a m/c right now. I thought you all deserved to know.. instead of me to just stop writing on this thread. I had an u/s today.. and i seen the little bean.. he/she is right above my cervix waiting to be expelled. I feel fine.. it doesnt hurt. I think everything happens for a reason.. even though i dont know what the reason is.. there is one. I wish each of you teh BEST pregnancies.. I cant wait to hear how your deliveries go.. itll be exciting to know of little babies being born right around when my little bean would have been born. I wish each of you a happy and H-E-A-L-T-H-Y 9 months.. Congratulations girls!! ~Kristin~


Karen_Fletcher - April 19

hey BriannasMummy, I am really sorry to hear your sad news. I hope that it doesnt cause you any pain. I hope you are ok in yourself. Take care xox


falafal0 - April 19

Oh, I'm so sorry Kristin, I hope your recovery, both in body and spirit, will go smoothly. Please keep in touch and know we will be thinking about you and your little angel that was almost to be, though will be elsewhere...


sbt4888 - April 17

Was anyone breastfeeding when conceiving?



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