Anyone NOT Experience Breast Tenderness

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Angela - June 21

i have been nauseous (i'm 7 weeks) but i have had zero change in the way my br___ts feel or look. Is this unusual?


Amy - June 22

Every one is different, m first pregnancy I had no b___st changes AT ALL until I was almost 9 months pregnant, when they started to swell a little bit, but no tenderness or anything, until my milk came in after baby was born. Its not unusual at all, this pregnancy my b___bs r killing me, my first preg I was vomiting 24/7, but this time, no nausea at all!!!! Yay!!! Good luck xxx


Leslie - June 22

I am almost 6 weeks and I just noticed yesterday that they were a little larger and a little tender, not much. I think your ok!


Laura - June 22

I felt slightly sore nipples and MAYBE swelled a tiny bit at about 6 wks. Soreness was barely there and now not much at all, if any. I was really constipated daily with horrible gas pain and that let up in the last 2 days too. Did just start with constant, low-level nausea but only threw up once when I didn't eat enough. I got nervous about symptoms coming and going, but many women experienced that too. I asked my Dr. quite a few times if my lack of symptoms was bad, and he says no because everyone's different. My skin has been consistently breaking out though. Geesh, you didn't ask for that run-down, but I hope it helps! You sound fine.


Evy - June 23

I am at 5 weeks and my nipples have been sore but nothing else. And the soreness changes, sometimes worse, sometimes barely noticeable. My dh noticed this morning though that my b___bs are swelling a little and with closer examination I noticed too. But when I hear some women talking about how much their b___bs hurt I am clueless. Maybe it will come later. As for the nausea, that is on and off for me too.....Very mild...Hope all of this is normal like people say...



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