Anyone Not That Hungry

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Steph - November 9

I'm only 4.5 weeks along, and have noticed that sometimes it's kinda hard to eat. I've been really thirsty, but not overly hungry. Is this going on with anyone else?


Nora - November 9

Yes! It's not that I'm not hungry really, but once i start eating i am not able to eat even 1/2 of what i usually would be able to! I've still been eating every meal, i just haven't been able to finish even 1/2 of my meal each time! I am 7 weeks along. I haven't noticed any change with being thirstier really though.


Renee - November 9

Thats normal. You'er body is going through so many hormonal changes, as long as you eat something and drink plenty, you'll be ok. I'm finishing up my 7th week, and starting to feel a little better about food. Just remember that your baby is about the size of a grain of rice (or smaller) at 4.5 weeks, so you're ok - especially if you're on prenatals. :-) Best to you....


denise - November 9

hey there yes im feeling like this im 7 weeks..n i never feel like im hungry never i gotta force myself to eat sumthing or i wont eat..n when i do eat i can never finish my food im eating less it seems o wells i guess its our bodys changing


Brandi - November 9

Absolutely! I'm 8.5 weeks, but since I found out at week 5 I've hardly had an appet_te. Really thirsty, but can't eat anything. I do much better with many small (healthy) snacks throughout the day.


Steph - November 9

Thanks so much for your answers. It's been 8 year since I was pregnant last, so I feel like a total moron about it!! I'm trying to eat, today all I have had is crackers and tea, and I'm feeling very bloated. Blech. Since I have not been to the doc yet, appt is on 11-21, is it okay to take multivitamins as opposed to prenatals? I looked at the back of the bottle I am taking and it says that there is 400mg of folic acid in them, so I thought that was enough, is it? Thanks a lot ladies!



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