Anyone Not Working And No Children Other Than Pregnancy

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Liz - May 10

I find it to be a mixed blessing. I'm grateful that I don't have to drag myself to work every day, but I feel like a lazy slug when I am sick and just lay on the couch most of the day. Anyone else feel guilty about this?


m - May 10

Hi Liz, I don't work either and am pregnant. I've been so tired so most of the time I don't feel guilty for laying on the couch all day. But when I do start to get that guilty feeling I just get up and clean something.


DanielleV - May 11

Im not working, taking the summer off because I am a full time student (one online cla__s doesnt count). I like to nap too, but I have to watch I dont get bored and eat. I clean that keeps me busy, or organize stuff. We have not started on the nursery yet but I cant wait until then. I also write and read and I have a baby book that ive made from a sc___p book. I put all the weeks and what the baby looks like in it along with stuff like cards and pictures of the family. That may be a fun rewarding thing to do.


tiffany - May 11

hi liz, I am overseas so i do not work either...but honestly i don't think if i had a job i would be much use because i am so nauseous most of the time and so sick in the mornings i just don't understand how these women do it! but please do not feel guilty about it our bodies are doing something incredible....


chrissy - May 11

When I found out I was pregnant I was going to continue on with ma__sage therapy school, but I couldnt take all the sickness I was I am dead tired all the time so I am glad that I took this time off to enjoy myself. I feel very lazy sometimes too, but I find it makes me feel a lot better to just get dressed like I am going somewhere and fix my hair and makeup sometimes...


just me - May 11

I dont like you guys!!! Just kidding but dang, I work full time....puke all the time and can barely drive myself home to crawl back in bed. Im 10wks6 days and ready to be done with this morning sickness. -Sorry to come off rude. seriously joking but seriously wanting to be you right now.


Ca__sie - May 11

I graduated in February and do not have a job. Now that I'm pregnant, I will not be getting a job (early childhood education). We're in the process of moving into a house right now though, so there is a lot to take care of with packing, cleaning,etc. I do what "m" does. When I feel lazy, I get up and clean something... or pack something. :-) Enjoy these relaxing days while you can girls....


Melissa - May 11

I am not working either and I dont feel guilty until my husband comes home and says that I sit on my a__s all day while he works....nice eh? Anyways, i used to work 6 days a week until recently. I asked for less hours, but my job is all or nothing, so now I do nothing. So i think that is why my husband is being such an a__s. He is used to me working more than him. Still not fun to feel guilty during a time that is supposed to be so exciting and happy!


Tiffany 2 - May 11

I only work a few hours a week to get me out of the house. I quit my job in Nov. when I knew that we were going to start ttc. I am so thankful that I am not really working right now because I have been going through HCG hell. My numbers keep going up but not doubling. I am currently at 855 and I go back to the doctor on friday. I am so nervous all the time I wouldn't e good at anything anyways. I try to keep busy by doing errands and I have started to walk 2-3 miles in the morning. You shouldn't feel guilty just consider yourself fortunate.


Liz - May 12

Thanks, everyone. I guess I just haven't known many pregnant women. It always seemed to me that pregnant women went about their business with no problem, so I felt like there was something wrong with me that I am struggling just to get in a couple hours of housework a day, let alone getting to any of the million projects I'd like to do before the baby arrives. My husband is super cool and keeps telling me I'm crazy to feel guilty, that he would just sleep all day and enjoy it while he could if he was in my shoes. I guess I'll try to take his and all of your advice. Thanks for the perspective.


Susie - May 12

I don't work either, im 13weeks pregnant, and im suffering badly with heartburn, back problems and being really tired. My doctor has now put me onto the sick as i am unable to work with my back as i fell down the stairs last week,but everything is 100% ok... Liz i wouldnt worry about not working there are plently of people who are pregnant and not working, i dont fell lazy at all cause i just say to them i have a excuse, but if i was to be working in my kinda job i would be falling asleep at my desk every 20mins haha but dont feel guilty... how far along are you? when are you due? sorry im just being nosey now haha love susie from northern ireland xoxo <3


erin - May 12

Hi everyone, I am 8 weeks today and I have been finishing my degree online and so I am not working. I will take a few summer cla__ses but otherwise I feel a bit like is all I can do some days to get myself ready and I feel a bit lazy for laying around so much. I am really tired, though. I hope it will only be this way during the first trimester, because I really need to start making myself useful again! Susie, that is neat that you live in N. Ireland, are you from there? I am also overseas, I live in Germany, but I am from the U.S. Good luck to everyone!


Julie - May 12

I am almost 10 weeks pregnant & will be leaving my job as of 6/9/05. I'm very tired & can't wait for that day! I've had a miscarriage at 8 weeks & also had a baby last year who only lived for 8 days (Down Syndrome & leukemia). I worked up until the day before I had him. This time I am very nervous & stressed & just want to be able to get as much rest as possible, especially since I have a hard time sleeping at night.


Mel - May 16

I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am not working, I recently moved and haven't been able to find work. I feel really guilty because I am used to standing up for 9 hours a day, and now I have nothing to do! I feel like I have to have a job or I am lazy, but I have been feeling so sick lately I am kind of glad I'm not working, I try to keep myself busy with cleaning and art & craft stuff (I am going to start knitting soon, I also do cross st_tch and longst_tch/tapestries heh)



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