Anyone On Diclectin For Morning Sickness

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Shae-lynn - November 29

Hi, I was just curious if anyone is taking Diclectin for morning (or all day!) sickness and if you feel it is 100% safe or not? I was prescribed it yesterday and took it last night for the first time. I feel wonderful this morning but I can't help feeling guilty that I might be doing something to hurt my wee little baby! I am just over 6 weeks! Please respond if you are taking it or you know of someone who is/was and had a healthy baby? or otherwise...


Deb - November 29

Yes, I am on Diclectin and it is a godsend!!! It is completely safe for your baby. I asked my doctor about it and she said that they have researched this drug for 40 years and have found NO problems. It is a combination of an antihistamine and vitamin B6. You can take up to four pills a day, 2 at night, one in the morning and then one at lunch. I started with one at night and felt good for a few days, but then threw up a couple of days later. Now I am taking two at night. I have been feeling a lot better but still throw up in the morning every once in a while. I think I am going to stick to just taking 2 at night time because it can make you sleepy and frankly, I'm tired enough as it is! Don't worry about hurting your baby. My doctor said she took it from day 1 with both of her pregnancies and they were perfectly healthy babies!


Shae-lynn - November 29

Thanks Deb! I will definitely keep taking it since today it worked miracles for me! How far along are you? And how long have you been on it?


Deb - November 30

I am eight weeks today. I went on it last Tuesday. Before I started taking it, I had such bad nausea I could hardly do anything but lie on the couch. I am an elementary teacher so I need to have energy in my day. Once I started taking it, I felt like the bad hangover feeling was gone and I actually felt like a human being again. It has done wonders for me. I don't know why so many people suffer from the nausea. When I asked my doctor if there was something I could do about it, she didn't even hesitate to give me Diclectin. This is my first baby, but I am sure I will take it again in the future if I have the same problem.


Dia - November 30

Hey ladies - good to know there is a drug I can take! My doc refused to see me until now (13 weeks) and I have been forced to suffer through constant vomiting for 6 weeks now. It upsets me to know there was something that could have helped me, but my doctor neglected to do it. Grrrrr! I have an appt at my 13 weeks on Monday and I will definitely be asking for this stuff. Thanks for the info!!


Sonxabobillia - December 1

What you are about to read here consists partly of "scientific research" taken from the internet & part personal opinion. I'm sure you will be able to differentiate. Our second child was born with cleft lip & pallet. We believe this is related somehow to the Diclectin my wife took during the 3rd trimester. Diclectin, best known as Bendectin has been linked to this as well as other birth defects. In the early 80s, the pharmaceutical company Merrill Dow was sued and removed the drug from the market. (Ever heard of the DOW JONES average? Food $ for $ thought $) There is a wealth of information which states the drug is "safe". Safe is a relative term. We use the word safe for condoms. How many unexpected pregnancies & STDs are related to defective condoms? It can happen. It comes down to a personal decision. Obviously, I would recommend against the use of Diclectin. Dare I say that taking drugs of any kind to ease the burdens of pregnancy is selfish. Besides, if we want perfect children, then why (during gestation) would we put things into our bodies other than good food & liquids? The natural order of things will always rule supreme. On a spiritual note...If God wanted us to use drugs, he would have made them himself.


Sonxabobillia - December 1

Here are a couple more things I would like to mention. Our child also was born with a heart defect & at 21 months of age still has a soft spot on the top of her head. She has endured 2 lip/palate reconstructive & 1 heart surgeries thus far. Yet to come: 1 palate surgery & orthodontic reconstruction as well as the possibilty of speech therapy. Hopefully that will open your eyes to the power of man made drugs. If not, do a Google using the word Bendectin. You will find a wealth of information, con & pro.


Deb - December 2

I just did research on Diclectin and could not find any information that says it is harmful to the fetus. Yes, it has been removed from the US market due to a lawsuit, but malformations can be caused by many other things. Also, I am not taking it in the 3rd trimester, I am taking it in the 1st trimester. I found a really good article that explains the whole situation. Check out and read it for yourself. I am sorry to hear about your childs trouble, it must be very difficult for you. However, it is very possible that Diclectin is not what caused it.


Shae-lynn - December 2

Yes, I have a ton of research on Diclectin as well and it is perfectly safe! It does not increase the risk of birth defects. It is a combination of vitamin b6 and antihistamines so it's not like it's some potent drugs or anything. Canadian women have been using it for over 25 years safely.


vicky top - December 2

i asked my docter for something for morning sickness he said there is nothing. why didnt he offer me this drug. Doesnt ever docter trust this drug


Sonxabobillia - December 3

Your bodies are your temples for you and your fetus. Give yourselves credit for knowing more about your own body & that of your unborn than a Doctor. They are mechanics of anatomy. Ask them for advice but trust your instincts. I will always advise against the use of Diclectin. I see it's effects every time I look at our child. However, she is our little angel.


Deb - December 3

Vicky, you probably can't get it because it is not available in the US. I live in Canada. I am going to continue taking it, because I know that without it, I will probably have to be hospitalized or something. We're not talking about a little nausea here. Even on the drug I am vomiting every day, and I know that without it, I wouldn't be able to function at all. I appreciate your advice, but I am making my own decision after speaking with my doctor, doing my own research and listening to my own body.


maddie - December 3

In the US you can get Zofan, I have been on it from 4 weeks.


danielle - December 22

I was put on diclectin yesterday adn took it right away. I had been ill and it has worked for me. I am experiencing some drowsiness, but i am not sick. It is truly helping me. I would recommend it. I really dont' think i doctor would perscribe you anything that would put your baby at risk..would you?


Deb - December 23

I agree. My own doctor took it during both of her pregnancies!


upinfsj - January 12

I am a new member. I have a 4 1/2 month old son who was born with a cleft lip. I took Diclectin during my first trimester. I have been reading the posts and have much empathy and understanding for Sonxabobillia's experience. However, I must say that I very much disagree with their opinion that Diclectin caused their child's cleft. I don't mean to be disrespectful or hurt anyone's feelings but I disagree strongly, mainly because in they state that Dicectin was taken in the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy. All clefts occur during the 1st trimester, so I don't see the connection here. In utero, we all had clefts. That area of our facial structure normally closes when both sides form together at approx 8 to 10 weeks into the pregnancy. If clefting occured later in pregnancy, say the 3rd trimester when the Diclectin was taken in that particular case, I could understand someone feeling the cleft may be caused by the medication. However, as I previously stated, clefting occurs very early in pregnancy. I would strongly recommend that Sonxabobillia educate themselves by reading -up about Hyperemisis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness) before accusing expectant mother's who take medicationof being selfish.


lahni13 - July 15

I also have a son with cleft lip and palate and there is no way that diclectin take in the third trimester was responsible for that. They told me that the cleft comes together at seven weeks. Clefts can be genetic but I was told most often it is just bad luck. Diclectin has been around for over forty year and I've used it through two whole pregnancies and I'm now using it in my third. My Dr. told me that I can take up to 12 a day (and I take 8.) It's a miracle how it can make me feel like a human being while using it. Diclectin is only available in Canada, so we are lucky up here!



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