Anyone On Diclectin For Morning Sickness

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lahni13 - July 15

I also have a son with cleft lip and palate and there is no way that diclectin take in the third trimester was responsible for that. They told me that the cleft comes together at seven weeks. Clefts can be genetic but I was told most often it is just bad luck. Diclectin has been around for over forty year and I've used it through two whole pregnancies and I'm now using it in my third. My Dr. told me that I can take up to 12 a day (and I take 8.) It's a miracle how it can make me feel like a human being while using it. Diclectin is only available in Canada, so we are lucky up here!


kaiya - July 21

Hey, so I just started taking diclectin lastnight. I took it on a full stomache and I didn't seem to feel any drowsiness taking two pills. Then this morning I took one pill before work at 6:00 am and I cannot stop falling asleep at my desk! I slept all the way to work in the car, and it is now 11:00 am and I am still sleeping. I know it says it may cause drowsiness, but to this extreme?? Has anyone else experienced this? And did it slowly go away after a few days??


Floricica - July 31

Well... Pregnancy alone makes you tired so it's like pregnancy plus diclectin. When I was pregnant with my son I was sleeping for a lot of the first trimester. I didn't use diclectin then, but I will probably be using it this time around because I have to work.


sliberatore - August 20

Ladies, I used diclectin throughout my entire 1st and 2nd pregnancy due to uncontrollable nausea. I honestly don't know what I would have done without this miracle drug. During my first pregnancy, I participated in a study with the MotherRisk Program through Hospital for Sick Kids whereby I was contacted by them during and after my pregnancy for comments. In fact, they even asked that I bring my baby girl in for cognitive testing - all a part of the case study re: the complete safety of diclectin. Both of my children are and were healthy and thriving, TG. I don't know that I could have survived the pregnancies without diclectin. A miracle drug. BTW - on my third (surprise!) pregnancy after 7 years -- oddly, not as ill as with my first two...could be the age! :) No diclectin...YET. S.


5th time is a charm - March 30

Hello everyone, I'm new! I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm really excited. This is our 5th pregnancy but everything looks good this time. The only new problem I'm having is morning sickness. Has anyone else taken this drug or know anything about it? I'm really wondering if it works and how long it takes to kick in if anyone knows. :)


JoyL - June 6

i will be starting diclectin today - i am just under 7 weeks and am really sick. i can't get out of bed and barely make it to the bathroom. i have a toddler that needs caring for and i am also a working mom. taking safe medicine is a very responsible thing for me to do. i need to be present for my family too - i am sorry for any birth defects that babies are born with but the stats show 1/700 babies are born with cleft lip and palate, i think by chance alone your odds are greater than if took diclectin. the stats show that using this drug didn't increase risk of birth defects. i do believe one should be cautious and consider their body a temple, but loosing weight through vomiting is not healthy for the mother or the baby. should always do what they are comfortable with. for me, it's eating, being a mother, wife, and working women.


JoyL - June 8

i feel like a new person! i was so sick that i thought nothing would help. and now i am feel 'normal' it's a miracle drug!


MOMMYOF4 - August 16

I am a mother of 4 children ages 6, 4, 2 and 6 months all of my pregnancies but one was smooth the pregnancy of my second daughter was beyond awful I was diagnosed with severe hyperemisis (severe morning sickness) my "all day" sickness was so bad doctors had given me a meal plan that they hoped would help me to gain weight which consisted of BOOST shakees and BOOST pudding the stuff was nasty and I still could not keep it down even after she put me on a perscription of -Diclectin- I was so sick that I was weak had lost muscle and even lost PRE PREGNANCY weight at 8 1/2 months pregnant... my daughter was later born with the exact same thing and was put on a liquid form of diclectin and for some reason after she was born it was like the dark cloud of sickness left me too now it was just my baby a week pa__sed and she was also cured of the sickness it is now 4 years later and i came across this site to do research of the medication Diclectin for only one reason!! Diclectin and birth defects?!? my daughter is 4 years old and to me doesnt fit into the category of the norm for a 4 year seems to be all behavioural problems for example she is 4 but the outbreaks of behavioural problems that say a 2 year old would go thru, I just have to let you know this is not my onlychild I am a nurse by proffesion and I know when something is not right with my child.....coming from a mother who was diagnosed with severe hyperemises and knows what its like to go thru the suffering of being constantly sick i just want to warn those who have been perscribed this medication that now after its all been said and done i would have rather suffered the short 9 months than have to go thru what i have to for 4+ years now! I cannot blame diclectin but it is a great possibility its too ironic that this would happen to the same child i was taking diclectin with in utero!!!and all other babies were diclectin free and ALL babies were born natural with no pain medication!! too ironic....... please ladies think about it


jessicatrickey - November 9

I am 7 weeks 4 days pregnant and I took my first pill this afternoon and its already helping amazingly. I was told Diclectin is safe and i have done my research! thank god there is something to help us girls out!


khl03 - November 13

I am 15 weeks pregnant and am having severe problems with nausea and vomitting. Hospital visits almost every week since day 1. My nurse pract_tioner prescribed this for me as a last resort and told me that if the vomitting doesn't stop and my blood pressure doesn't some down (avg. 130/110) that I would have to terminate the pregnancy because of the harm it is doing to me. My baby is currently 3 weeks behind its growth because of the amount of vomitting I have been doing. I have PCOS and was told that it would take fertility clinics and lots of money (that I don't have) to get pregnant. This pregnancy was a miracle for my husband and I because he was also told that the chances of having his own children were slim to none. I am really hoping Diclectin works for me.


childk - June 24

31 years ago--I was using Bendectin--my oldest son was born with a pilonidal sinus--not a huge issue--but who knows if it was caused by this drug? My other two sons are comlpetely fine--I took nothing--vomited..yes..nauseated yes..but when my Mom read re the side effects and told me I immediately stopped. Wishing you all healthy babies.


childk - June 24

I took bedectin/dicletin 31 years ago--my son was born with a pilonidal sinus..not a huge issue..I have 2 other sons..took nothing,was nauseated,hospitalized once with hyperemesisgravidarium...those two sons perfectly normal healthy babies. My oldest son is fine--he is aware of the sinus(opening) and knows how to keep the area free from infection..was this caused by bendectin/diclectin..?? I totally beleive in taking nothing---its uncomfortable yes..but healthy babies...Why be selfish??


khl03 - June 25

I really hope that you aren't telling women to not be selfish and suffer through the vomiting and nausea...My unborn child's and MY life were both at risk..I wasn't being selfish...I was making an effort to keep my child alive.... I can't STAND it when women tell other women to 'not be selfish' during pregnancy....I was forced to be selfish and take a medication


khl03 - June 25

My baby was born 4 weeks early and in perfect health. So don't tell me that my selfishness could have potentially hurt my baby....cause as far as I am SAVED him....(and I was more comfortable in the long run as well)


Rusalka78 - May 6

DON'T TAKE Diclectin!!! My child was born with the visual defect. Diclectin is responsible for Cleft lip and palate. He required a series of surgeries in his first year of life. Apart from this Diclectin caused the partially deaf ear and Hypospadias (the urinary/genital problem). It's a WARNING against using Diclectin!


susan77 - July 29

Crackers and No to morning sickness tea definitely helps to take nausea away. The tea has a very mild taste. I did not have to add anything in it (sugar, cream). Just be sure not to steep it too long as it can get quite strong... unless, you like really strong tea. I would recommend giving this tea a try.



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