Anyone On Metformin Glucophage And Extremely Nauseated

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Christy - October 17

I am on Glucophage for PCOS and I am so sick 24/7. I don't know what to do because if I go off the meds, I increase my risk for m/c. But if I stay on, I am so sick I just can't take it anymore. I'm 6 weeks along and should stay on meds until 12 weeks. Is anyone else on this med. and sick like this? What have you done to get through the 12 weeks??


dp - October 18

I don't even know what this is??


Tess - October 18

Hi Christy! Im on Metformin prior to becoming pregnant and right now that im 9 wks 4 days along. My OB said he would consult my specialist to find out if I should still take Metformin or not. I understand how you feel. I have to take 3 tablets aday plus my prenatal care vitamins.....n believe me sometimes its hard for me to swallow it. It just refuses it. Are you on Metformin bcoz you have type 2 diabetes? Im on metformin for some odd reasons.....when they did the glucose test on me they didnt mention not to eat anything prior to getting the test so they just a__sume i have type 2 diabetes.......then recently i got it checked n my Dr. said I dont have type 2 diabetes.........Now im all confused. Thats why Im doin another glucose test this sat. to find out whether or not I should be takin the metformin or not. Is this ur 1st pregnancy?


sheleen - October 18

I am on Metformin and have been my entire pregnancy. I totally feel your pain. I will be 13 weeks on Friday and will be decreasing my intake down to 2 pills (1000 mg) per day for one week and then down to 1 pill for one week. I was very nauseated the first 11 weeks and even now have bad days. I would say to hang in there b/c just last week I started to feel a lot better and it makes it all worth it when you are over the first trimester. God Bless!


Amanda - October 19

I take Metformin for PCOS and insulin resistance. I was sick sick sick for months when I first started taking it. However, I started taking it about 11/2 years before I got pregnant. I was use to the drug by the time I got pregnantand had a very easy pregnancy (I had 1 miscarriage before).I stayed on the drug until 34 weeks to help me from miscarrying. My endocrinologist said I should have discontinued it at the end on my 1 trimester because it covers up any metabolic problems (diabetes) I could or may of had towards the end of my pregnancy. Good luck!


Christy - October 19

Thanks you guys for the encouragement...Tess, I'm on Metformin for PCOS-was diagnosed w/ it 2 yrs ago. This is my 3rd pregnancy but other 2 ended in m/c so I desperately want this baby. I hope your glucose test goes good so you don't have to take the meds. Sheleen- I'm so jealous of you! I can't wait to be where you are- I am so miserable it's difficult to take the pills. I'm only at 2 pills right now (1000 mg) but the dr. told me not to increase to the 3rd pill until at this point because of how sick I am. How did you continue taking it when you were so sick? I get really bad at night. Amanda- I was suppose to start this about 2 yrs ago and when I did, I was sick like this so I just stopped taking it-but I didnt have a baby to think about back then. Once I was pregnant my OB never even suggested it. I've since found a new dr. who put me on it immediately when we found out I was pregnant at 4 wks. I'm so miserable though and I know I just need to keep going for about 6 more weeks. I hope all goes well for everyone.


Christy - October 19

Oh-1 more did you guys go to work while you were this sick? I work FT and am missing alot of work...


Tess - October 19

Hi Christy! Good news.....found out today that after my 1st trimester Im off Metformin. :P Im not sure if its a good thing or what....we'll see. I too have been missing alot of work since I got pregnant from nausea to not feeling well at all. Im glad the Co. I work for are flexible w/ hours they didnt mind if Im missing alot as long as Im okay. :P Good Luck again!


sheleen - October 20

I was able to continue taking it b/c I want this baby more than anything. In some ways the pregnancy goes by slow, but in others, it goes by super fast. I started to feel better at about 11 1/2 weeks and it happened pretty much overnight. It really is worth it!


Tess - October 24

Hi Christy! Just an update I did my glucose test last sat. Im still waiting for my results hopefully it turn out well....How are you feeling now?


Julie - October 24

Hi everyone. I just got a BFP last night. Started on metformin in mid September. My OB says I'll be on it for the first trimester........I'm going to ask lots of questions about that though, as I have read lots of things about miscarriages once someone goes off of it. I miscarried last March and would rather not do that again....


Christy - October 24

Hi girls...congratulations Julie! Let me know what your dr. says about going off after the 1st tri because I feel nervous about that too (as much as I hate being on it!) I think things are starting to change for me- my horrible nausea has given me a break for a day now and I wonder if my body is starting to get used to the metformin...but I just increased to my 3rd pill so we'll see what the next few days hold. A new symptom started for me- I was up during the night cuz I couldnt sleep so sat in the living room watching old Friends reruns on dvd. I was feeling really sick and then for the 1st time, threw up about 6 times! My husband woke up and babied me for the rest of the morning until he had to leave for work-he felt so bad for me. So nausea gone today but now morning sickness? I can handle that! anything but the severe nausea. Tess, you'll have to let me know how your glucose levels look. I havent had that test yet, I'm just 7 weeks tomorrow...and extremely nervous all the time- I can't handle it if I m/c again, I want this baby so bad. U/S for me again on Friday.


Christy - October 27

Tess, did you have your glucose test done yet? I have my u/s tomorrow. I'm feeling very nervous but excited.


Tess - October 27

Hi Christy! Yes, I got my glucose results from last sat. I have to take the 3hr glucose tolerance test coz they said that my results was abnormal. They wanted to make sure that my sugar are normal. They said that if you are pregnant your sugar should only be between 70-130, mine was 168 it was a little elevated but not on borderline. This 2nd test will determine whether or not I have gestational diabetes........I am scared as HELL!! I'll let you know what the result turns out. Im gonna be 11 wks tomorrow 10/28 Im very excited :P I stop takin metformin on the 6th of Nov. Good Luck Ladies!! How are you feeling now? I feel alot better now compare 4 wks ago.......Its really like that...(too nauseated, too tired, too crabby) but let me tell yah.....its true that it will go away once you're closer to your end of 1st tri. Keep in touch!


Tess - October 27

Christy~ Is that your first u/s tomorrow? I should've got my 2nd u/s tomorrow w/ my specialist (not OB) but they're seeing me at a diff. clinic and they sched. me for my 2nd u/s around 18-20 wks.......Im very, very excited!! Btw, are you showing yet? like just a little bit or not?


Christy - October 27

Tomorrow will be my 3rd u/s- I'm not really showing to anyone yet but I can tell the difference tho, I can't suck my tummy in anymore and it's getting harder. I'm only 7 1/2 weeks right now. I can't wait to show tho, can't wait to feel better either. I'm still out of work which is good because I'm soooo nauseated. Sorry about your glucose test so far...I have a feeling I'll be in the same boat in a few more weeks. I'm scared too - my dr. told me if I load up on the carbs during the 1st tri, I will probably have gestational diabetes. I had good intentions of eating extremely healthy, at least I did until the nausea hit! Now all I can get down is carbs, and mainly fast food. I never thought I'd eat like this during my pregnancy so I feel really nervous but I feel like throwing up if I even think of things like chicken or veggies! How are you doing w/ your foods??


Tess - October 27

Christy~ my appet_te is way better than before. I still feel a lil sick in the morning but compared before this is way better :) I am now on maternity clothes (just on the bottoms) I can't hardly fit into my jeans anymore.....All I could ever wear are like sporty clothes (oh wellz) btw, where are you located? Im from Minnesota btw. So, are you in bed rest or what? you've meantioned that you're still out of work.......just wondering. Im plannin on resignin at this job once I hit my 5-6mos coz this place can be really stressful as hell.........And I dont want to be in that position right now....keep in touch ok!



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